When A Guy Pulls Away, Do Nothing (15 Reasons Why)

There are various reasons why men may withdraw from relationships, such as feeling apprehensive about developing stronger emotions, becoming entangled in a committed relationship, experiencing emotional pain, and other factors.

Why do certain relationship experts recommend taking no action when a man withdraws from a relationship?

Continue reading below to discover why inaction is sometimes recommended and find responses to various associated inquiries.


It may appear counter-intuitive, but there are numerous reasons why refraining from taking action when a man withdraws from a relationship can be advantageous. In fact, the number of reasons is so high that it may be overwhelming.

Examine 15 of the primary justifications for why it's recommended to refrain from taking action when a man withdraws from a relationship:

1. He Needs to Work on Himself

One of the main rationales for taking no action when a man withdraws is that he may require time to work on personal matters. If he's distancing himself, and it's not related to you, it's frequently due to personal issues that require his attention.

The positive aspect is that when a decent man withdraws to focus on himself, he likely intends to return once he feels more mentally sound.

2. You Need to Work on Yourself

Another significant justification for taking no action when a man withdraws is that you may require time to work on personal growth. In reality, his distancing from you could be a sign that things aren't quite right, and you may need to focus on self-improvement.

Conversely, while you may not be the cause of his withdrawal, it may be more beneficial for you to concentrate on personal growth and enhancing your own life and connections with others rather than pursuing him.

3. He's Not Ready for a Committed Relationship

Occasionally, men withdraw from relationships because they are not prepared for a committed partnership. In such scenarios, it's preferable to release him rather than pursuing him. If he's not prepared for a relationship, and you are, it's more advisable to provide him with the space he requires or move forward.

Nevertheless, if he genuinely cares about you, he may recognize that his fear of a relationship caused his withdrawal after taking time to work on himself. In that situation, he may be willing to try (so don't give up on him too hastily!).

4. You Don't Need to Be a Relationship Hero

When your partner withdraws from the relationship, bear in mind that you don't have to be a relationship hero. You are not his relationship coach; you're his girlfriend. It is not your responsibility to instruct him on how to be a responsible partner.

If he truly values you and wants what's best for himself, he will make his way back to you. However, if he doesn't, then perhaps it's for the best and you're better off without him.

5. Consider Your Own Feelings

If your partner is distancing himself from your affectionate relationship, it's essential to take a moment to reflect on your emotions. It's worth considering whether his past relationships are affecting him mentally, which may require some challenging situations to navigate if you want to build a stronger bond with him. Ultimately, you should assess if you have the resilience and determination to cope with these issues.

Always remember that your emotions are equally important to your partner's. While it's natural to prioritize your partner's feelings, it doesn't mean that your own feelings should be disregarded. They deserve attention and should not be overlooked.

6. He's Not Worth Your Time

If a man repeatedly distances himself and then returns briefly, he may not be suitable for a fulfilling romantic relationship. Nobody wants to spend a significant portion of their relationship feeling uncertain and confused about their partner's intentions.

If a man consistently demonstrates that he doesn't value your time, it's possible that he isn't worth investing your time and effort into. When he disappears without explanation, you may start to question whether he's seeing other women or simply prioritizing other activities. In such situations, it's natural to wonder about the meaning of his absence, leaving you with no option but to speculate.

7. He's Dating Someone Else

On occasions when a man distances himself, it may be wise to refrain from taking any action, especially if he's involved with someone else. Pursuing him in such situations may only make you look foolish, and unfortunately, this is a common scenario.

The positive aspect is that it won't take long to determine if he's seeing another person. The signals are apparent: he may abruptly stop communicating, go missing for extended periods, avoid discussing his genuine emotions, and behave as if everything is ordinary.

8. He'll Pull Away Even Further

When a man distances himself, it may be best to leave him alone for a while. He will likely communicate when he's ready to talk further.

Continuing to pursue and pressure him for further communication while he's distancing himself could cause him to withdraw even more. Consequently, you might not receive any messages from him for a while.

9. He Wants You to Have Low Self Esteem

Occasionally, you may encounter someone who is playing mind games and just being a jerk. In such cases, when these men distance themselves, it's simply an attempt to toy with your self-confidence.

It's best to allow such men to pull away and let them go because any response could be viewed as an invitation for them to continue playing with your emotions.

10. It's a Defense Mechanism Against a Potential Relationship

Many men withdraw because their defense mechanisms are kicking in to "protect" them from a potential relationship that they are afraid of.

In such a situation, any action on your part is likely to cause him to withdraw even more. Unfortunately, the best approach is to do nothing and give him space to sort out his emotions.

11. He's Not a High-Quality Man

You read the heading correctly: there are times when it's best to refrain from taking action when men distance themselves because they may not be high-quality partners. In other words, they may be seeing multiple women and playing mind games with all of them.

It's quite apparent why you should walk away from such men. But if you want tailor-made advice, tell him to **** off and drop him like a hot pan that you pulled out of the oven without mitts (quickly and without hesitation).

12. He Wants You to Feel Endless Suffering

Some men withdraw to make you miss them or to make you feel guilty about an argument or event that recently occurred. Obviously, this type of guy takes pleasure in causing you pain and should be discarded at the earliest opportunity.

The best course of action is to turn the tables on them and treat them in the same way. When they experience being pushed away at a time when they need you the most, they'll finally understand how the many women they played games with felt.

13. It's Better to Cut Things Off in the Early Stages

If you find yourself in a situation where things aren't working out and he's repeatedly pulling away and returning, it may be better to end things early. Otherwise, you risk subjecting yourself to prolonged use and abuse.

You don't necessarily need a certified relationship coach to reflect on your current relationship. The key is being honest with yourself and sometimes having the courage to do the hard thing, like cutting all ties and walking away.

14. He Doesn't Appreciate a High-Value Woman

If a man fails to appreciate a woman of high quality, such as yourself, there is little that can be done about it. If he does not value loving relationships, it is his problem, not yours.

It's important to guard yourself against developing feelings for these men, because chances are you won't be the only woman in their lives, and you'll likely be the one with the most value. Remember that a man who doesn't appreciate a high-quality woman like you isn't worth your time and energy.

15. He Wants to Spend Time With Many Women

Some men have a pattern of being involved with multiple women, one after the other, on a regular basis. It's best to avoid becoming one of these women.

If a man pulls away right after meeting or hooking up, it's best to give him some space and do nothing. This way, you may save yourself from a lifetime of pain, especially if he's the kind of man who can't help but find himself in the company of many women, one by one, day after day, week after week.


After understanding the reasons why it's best to refrain from taking action when a man withdraws from you, here are some practical suggestions to help you remain firm in your decision:

Bear in mind that he initiated the distancing (and that you're not responsible for his actions like a mother would be).

Take into account your own self-worth and self-esteem before resorting to calling, texting, or appearing needy.

Take a comprehensive view of the situation and be pragmatic (take into account the reasons behind his withdrawal).

Understand that everyone goes through tough times in life (even extending to weeks or months).

Reflect on what expert relationship coaches would advise you (or consider enlisting one's services).

Recognize that romantic relationships can be complex and often don't completely make sense.

Question whether he has the potential to become a long-term partner (a potential future husband).


How Do You Respond When a Guy Pulls Away?

There isn't a universal rule for how to react when men withdraw. Nevertheless, in some cases, the best course of action when a man pulls away is to do nothing, despite it not being an easy choice. The aforementioned reasons make it evident why it's best to give a guy space when he pulls away. If he genuinely cares for you, he may return and disclose the issue at hand.

Do Guys Come Back After Pulling Away

It's highly likely that a man who cares for you will return after distancing himself. However, there's no guarantee that he'll disclose the reasons behind his withdrawal. Moreover, it's important to consider that his return may not necessarily be a positive thing. He may not hold you in high regard, and his intentions could be solely sexual or even worse.

What Does it Mean When He Suddenly Pulls Away?

When a man unexpectedly withdraws from you, there are countless possibilities regarding its meaning. Nonetheless, one thing is clear: it's not a favorable indication. To gain more insight, you'll need to evaluate your relationship with him and recent events. Has there been a disagreement? Has one of you entered a new stage in life or profession? Alternatively, has he met someone else?

Why Do Guys Pull Away When You Like Them?

Men are infamous for distancing themselves from women they have feelings for due to various reasons. Some of the most frequent ones are low self-esteem, becoming disinterested despite having feelings, being temporarily enamored with someone new, thinking that you are romantically involved with someone else, and many others.