When A Guy Doesn't Answer Your Question: 15 Meanings

Men can be both sweet and unsweet at times.

One moment he's showering you with gifts, the next he's evading your inquiries.

Learn the real significance behind a man's lack of response to your question.


Regrettably, men have gained a notoriety for evasiveness (not referring to sports).

What causes men to sometimes avoid answering questions, yet at other times appear to be transparent?

The reason is:

1. He Is Hiding Something From You

A major cause of men avoiding your questions is because they are concealing something from you.

A guy not answering your question could indicate that he is keeping a secret, whether it be because he is seeing someone else or has purchased tickets for a Caribbean cruise.

2. He Doesn't Have Enough Real Insight To Answer

At times, a guy's failure to answer your question is simply due to a lack of knowledge on how to respond.

A man may choose to ignore your question rather than admit to feeling inadequate, if he lacks sufficient knowledge to provide a meaningful answer.

3. He's Not In a Relationship With You (and Doesn't Have to Answer)

A guy may choose not to answer your question, depending on various factors such as the type of question, his relationship with you, and his personal views.

If the man is not in a romantic relationship with you and has no interest in pursuing one, he may not feel the need to answer your question or be concerned about your reaction.

4. He Doesn't Think You Deserve Answers To What You're Asking

A guy may avoid answering your question and refuse to commit to an answer because he believes you are not entitled to it.

For instance, asking your boyfriend's best friend Brad about your boyfriend's activities from the previous night.

If Brad perceives that you mistreat his friend, he may choose to avoid answering your question as he does not feel that you are deserving of the information.

5. He Has Low Self Esteem (and Is Scared To Answer)

In some cases, a guy's failure to answer your questions may not stem from a lack of interest or consideration for your feelings, but rather from feelings of low self-esteem and fear of giving a response.

A guy may be hesitant to answer even a simple question such as his favorite color, as he may fear that you will not appreciate his response and consequently lose interest in speaking with him.

Indeed, some guys have such thoughts and behaviors.

6. He's New To Relationships (and Doesn't Know How To Talk To Women)

A man who is inexperienced in dating and relationships may struggle with communication with women.

This means that when faced with difficult questions, a man who is new to the dating scene may initially avoid answering them instead of providing a response.

Once he becomes more at ease with you, you can try asking the questions again as he is likely to become more relaxed as time passes.

7. He's Not Sure How To Answer (Because He Doesn't Know the Answer)

In some cases, a guy may simply not have the answer to your question. This is not because he doesn't understand the question or believes you don't want to hear the answer, but rather because he genuinely doesn't have a response.

Instead of admitting to not knowing what to say, he may choose to remain silent or shift the conversation to a different topic.

8. He Is Still Thinking/Wondering About Certain Things

If a guy is unsure of the answer to the question you're asking and is still considering different aspects of the matter, he may initially avoid answering you.

Once your partner has had enough time to reflect and determine his thoughts and feelings, he is more likely to give you a clear answer.

9. You Caught Him In the Moment (and He's In Shock)

If you ask a difficult question while a man is in the middle of an action (for example, if you catch him kissing someone named Brenda), he may be taken aback.

When caught in the act, he may not provide a truthful answer even though the evidence is in plain sight.

10. He Wants To Keep Your Respect (and You Won't Like the Answer)

At times, a guy may delay answering your question because he thinks the answer will not be to your liking and he wants to maintain your respect.

The stronger your friendship, the more comfortable he should be with being truthful with you.

However, if the question is about sensitive topics such as his feelings towards you or other individuals, he may not be forthcoming with his thoughts.

11. Things Are Complicated (and He's Afraid of How You'll React)

Sometimes guys struggle with expressing themselves, especially when it comes to complex emotions or sensitive topics.

When a man is facing complex challenges in life and in his thoughts, but has feelings for you, he might not provide a satisfactory response to your inquiries.

This is even more likely if he fears your reaction to the complexities in his life and emotions.

12. He Wants To End Up Dating You (Not Having You Laugh at Him)

When a man wants to secure a future with you, he realizes that he needs to keep your interest and avoid boredom, otherwise you may seek excitement elsewhere.

The problem occurs when you ask a question whose answer may make him seem less cool and entertaining, which he fears could negatively impact his prospects of being a future partner to you.

13. He Has a Big Head and/or Wants To Make a Point

Sometimes, a guy won't answer your question due to his arrogance or self-importance.

Whether your question's answer makes him feel inadequate or he wants to assert his dominance, he may choose to ignore you and your inquiry due to his ego.

This type of ego-driven behavior can occur in various settings, including the workplace or school, but it can happen anywhere where a guy is present.

14. He Thinks You Want a Relationship (and Just Wants To Be a Friend)

It's possible that a guy who is acting ambivalent and evasive to your questions may be doing so because he perceives you to have a romantic interest in him, while he only wishes to maintain a friendship.

To avoid damaging the friendship and hurting your feelings, he may choose to remain passive and not respond to your inquiries, if he perceives that you are interested in dating him, but all he wants is to stay friends.

15. He Wants a Relationship (and Thinks You Just Want To Be Friends)

He may avoid answering questions about his feelings towards you in order to preserve the possibility of a romantic or physical relationship, even if you only want friendship.

The last thing he wants is to scare you away before you develop strong feelings for him.


Having a guy avoid answering your questions can stem from various reasons. By considering the explanations listed above, it may become clearer why he is not responding.

Based on the reasons listed above, you can determine the possible cause of your guy's silence in response to your question. Once you have a clearer understanding of the situation, you can choose one of the following basic responses accordingly.

Repeat the Question

If you're determined to get an answer, start by repeating your question in a polite manner. Ensure that he has fully heard the question and is aware that you expect a response.

If you're determined to get an answer and aren't concerned about his feelings, repeat your question while making eye contact and displaying assertive body language, such as crossed arms and tapping foot.

Forget About It and Go On With the Conversation

If you choose not to push for an answer, simply switch the topic of conversation and revisit your question at a later time.

Hang Up the Phone and Give Him the Silent Treatment

If you want to emphasize the importance of your question and prompt a swift response from your guy, try cutting off communication temporarily by hanging up the phone and giving him the silent treatment until he provides you with an answer.

If he values your relationship and wants to maintain a future romantic or physical connection with you, he will likely quickly understand the situation and reach out to you through calls, voice messages, or text messages.

Remind Him That Being Honest Is Important

If honesty is important to you and the answer to your question is crucial, don't hesitate to express your vulnerability to him and let him know that you value honesty. This should, at the very least, prompt him to give your question a thoughtful response, unless he's insensitive.

Demand A Straight Answer From Him

If you are done with being patient and having evasive conversations, it's time to ask for honesty. If he comprehends the gravity of the situation, he will do what's best for himself (provide an answer to your question).


What Does It Mean When Someone Avoids Answering a Question?

When a person fails to answer a question, it could be due to a variety of reasons such as trying to hide something from you, fear of a negative reaction, or not having a satisfactory answer. The possibilities are numerous.

What Do You Do When Someone Ignores Your Question?

There are various ways to respond when someone avoids answering your questions: you can choose to ignore them and act as if you never asked the question, become angry at them for not responding, or repeat your question with increased emphasis and demand an answer.

What Does It Mean When a Man Doesn't Answer Your Text?

When a man takes a while to respond to a woman's text, it doesn't necessarily indicate disinterest. He may be occupied, going through something that has him down, or temporarily unable to respond. In some cases, it could also be due to a lost or broken phone.