When A Guy Does These Things, He Is Into You


It can be challenging to determine if a guy you have a liking for is interested in you. This is because the cues given off can be quite subtle. However, there are a few telltale signs that you can look out for to know if he's into you.

1. He Laughs At All Of Your Jokes

He doesn't make fun of you or call you boring, not even when you make really silly dad jokes. In fact, he may even respond to your jokes with some of his own to show that he is on the same wavelength as you.


2. He Answers All Of Your Texts In A Decent Time Frame

If he responds to your messages promptly, it's a strong indicator that he's highly interested in you. Even if he occasionally takes a little while to check his phone, he never leaves your messages unanswered, regardless of whether or not your message required a response. He eagerly seizes every opportunity to communicate with you.


3. He Doesn't Totally Warm Up To The Other Guys You Date

If you have a casual connection with someone else or are exploring potential partners through dating apps, a guy you have known for a while might not appear to be overly enthusiastic about your romantic endeavors. He may attribute it to his disinterest in hearing about your dating life, but the truth is, he is attempting to maintain a nonchalant attitude to prevent losing his chance with you.


4. He's Interested In The Details

He displays a genuine interest in your life, asking about your family, best friends, and even the television shows you've recently watched. His conversations go beyond small talk, and he seems to remember everything you tell him. If it's about you, he's keenly interested.

5. He Invites You Out With His Friends

You may assume that his actions indicate that you've been friend-zoned, but in reality, he's probably testing the waters to determine how well you'd mesh with his group of friends. Additionally, he's seeking a less intimidating way to spend more time with you. He might face rejection if he directly asked you out on a date, but a group hangout is vague enough to allow him to assess your compatibility with him. Besides, it's an opportunity for him to get to know you better.


6. He Trusts You

Trust is a critical factor for everyone, especially for men who tend to keep their feelings private. If a man opens up to you and shares personal information, it's a sign that he trusts you and feels secure around you. It also indicates that he believes you won't disclose his secrets to others, including your friends.

7. He Texts With A Lot Of Flirty Emojis

Emojis have become a popular way of conveying emotions in text messages, and men are no exception. If a man's texts are full of smiling faces and winks, he is likely trying to come across as friendly and playful. The wink emoji, in particular, is a strong indicator of his interest in you. If you receive a text with a kissy face, it might be time to ask him out.


8. He Always Has Time For You

This guy doesn't seem to have a packed schedule. He always has time to hang out with you, and he's even willing to cancel his plans to spend time with you. Planning to meet up with him is easy, and even if he has other commitments, he might try to include you in his plans.

9. Your Mutual Friends Are Suddenly Interested In Your Love Life

If you and the guy are part of the same social circle, chances are that your friends may be nudging you in a certain direction. When observing your relationship, they may pick up on subtle hints that you and the guy are unaware of. Assuming your friends aren't mean-spirited and enjoy making others uncomfortable (if they are, it may be best to distance yourself from them), they may ask if you have ever considered pursuing a romantic relationship with the guy. Similarly, his male friends may also ask him if he has feelings for you. Perhaps he has confided in them about his crush but is hesitant to make a move. It can be valuable to listen to the advice of those around you, as they may have insights that you haven't considered.