When A Guy Calls You Love (15 Meanings)

The term "love" when used by a man to address you can evoke varying emotions, ranging from deeper affection towards him to the opposite, depending on the individual man.

What does it signify?

Explore some of the most common meanings behind being called "love" by a guy, by reading further below.


When a guy calls you "love", the reasons could be varied - ranging from him having a liking for you, to being in love with you, simply flirting, or any of numerous other motives.

15 possible meanings when a guy calls you "love":

1. He Likes You

Guys calling you "love" is often a sign that they have romantic feelings for you, rather than just friendship.

A common reason for a guy to call you "love" is because he has romantic feelings for you.

A man may express his romantic interest in you by using a term of endearment such as "love," if he views you as more than just a friend.

It's worth noting that in some cases, a guy may unconsciously call you "love" if he has strong feelings for you.

2. He Loves You

A more straightforward indication of a man's feelings is when he expresses love and says "I love you."

It's important to note that not all instances of a guy calling you "love" imply romantic love.

In such cases, a guy calling you "love" could be your partner, father, uncle, or brother using it as a term of affection.

3. It's His Pet Name For You

"Love" is a common nickname for men who have positive feelings towards you, including those who are newly acquainted or those who have known you for a long time.

Whether it's your grandfather, colleague, or a classmate you're working with, if they have a favorable view of you, they may occasionally call you "love."

4. He Calls Any Woman Love

Some men use "love" as a general term to address any woman they come across.

This doesn't mean that these men are indiscriminate in their attention to women.

In some instances, they may be paying a compliment, while in others they are using it as a general title for all women.

5. He's Wondering How You'll React

If a man has romantic feelings for you, wants to pursue a relationship, and is eager to progress, he will likely display several signs.

One prominent indication is his frequent use of terms of endearment like "love."

It's also important to note that he will likely exhibit body language signals and pay attention to your own nonverbal cues.

6. He's Just Talking

In some cases, when a guy calls you "love" or uses similar nicknames, he may simply be using casual language. This doesn't necessarily mean he has romantic feelings for you or desires a closer relationship.

Additionally, many of these men may not even realize that calling you "love" carries significance or has any special meaning.

7. He Has No Idea Why He Says It

At times, men may use terms without fully understanding the reasons behind it. While they may have an unconscious understanding, they may be unaware of it on a conscious level.

It's not uncommon for a man to develop feelings for you after using a romantic nickname.

The timeline for him to determine the specifics of his feelings (whether he likes you, loves you, or desires a physical relationship) depends on various factors such as your relationship, his own personality, and your interactions.

8. He Wants You To Develop Feelings

Some men may be impatient and prefer to accelerate the development of emotional attachment rather than waiting for it to occur naturally.

This can result in them using terms of endearment like "love," performing acts of kindness, and displaying various other signs of affection towards you.

9. He Doesn't Have A Better Idea

If a man is interested in you but lacks relationship experience, he may resort to calling you "love" as he doesn't know what else to call you.

The positive aspect is that he will also exhibit other signs indicating a deeper level of attraction towards you.

If "love" doesn't resonate with you, you can let him know your preferred romantic nicknames.

10. He Thinks Women Love It

"Love" is a popular pet name among men for women they have romantic feelings for.

The usage of this pet name can vary depending on the individual and the nature of the relationship.

If the man is using the term insincerely with the intention of only pursuing physical intimacy, it can be evident in other behaviors and actions.

11. He's Angling For A Long Term Relationship

When a man uses the pet name "love" with the intention of pursuing a romantic relationship, he'll likely exhibit related nonverbal cues.

He might stand close to you, touch you unintentionally, or have a wide-eyed gaze when he looks at you.

Additionally, he may talk about you frequently and make changes to his plans to include you in them, even for the long term.

12. He Thinks It's A Normal Thing To Say

Many men grew up in an environment that taught them that using pet names like "love" for women is a norm.

This doesn't indicate a desire for a relationship or sexual interest, it's simply what they have learned as common behavior.

If you encounter a man like this, he may frequently use pet names like "love" during conversation, but it should not be interpreted as a sign of attraction. They are simply following typical male flirting behavior.

13. It's A Romantic Inclination

When a guy addresses you as "love" during conversation, it's a clear indication that he desires more than just friendship.

If it's a romantic interest, pet names like "love" are used exclusively for you and aren't used for other women or female friends.

Moreover, a guy who calls you "love" with romantic intentions often displays various signals such as flirting, constantly doing things for you, and frequently checking in on you.

14. He Is Unaware He Has Strong Feelings

A guy who calls you "love" may not initially be aware of the extent of his attraction to you.

However, when a man is drawn to you, he may unconsciously exhibit strong body language, such as seeking physical contact, making frequent adjustments, having tense lips around other men, etc.

These physical cues can provide additional insight into his feelings and level of interest in you.

15. He's Chipping Away At The Friend Zone Barrier

If a man is frequently calling you "love" and wants to be more than friends, he may be trying to break out of the friend zone.

His use of pet names suggests that he is expressing his romantic interest in you through various signs and signals.

If you're attuned to his behavior, you may also observe complementary body language cues, in addition to his frequent use of affectionate terms.


Before responding to a guy who calls you "love", there are several elements to take into account:

What is your general relationship status?

How do you know the person, and for how long have you known them?

Does it feel right or wrong when they call you "love"?

Is this person in a relationship with someone else?

Is it appropriate for them to address you as "love"?

Is this person suitable for a relationship?

1. Be Aware Of His Body Language

To accurately determine the meaning behind a guy calling you "love," it's important to observe his body language before, during, and after the interaction.

Is he expressing love? Is he engaging in flirtatious behavior? Or is he harboring aspirations for a future relationship with you?

2. Send Body Language Signs To Him

You can communicate your feelings towards being referred to as "love" by a guy through your body language.

If you are fond of it, show positive body language such as smiling, hand touching, hugging, or maintaining eye contact. If not, exhibit disinterest through crossed arms, facing away, and avoiding eye contact.

3. Ask Him If He Calls Other Female Friends Love

It is appropriate to inquire if the guy refers to other women with the same term or if it's a special nickname reserved just for you.

The meaning behind a guy calling a girl "love" or similar terms is not immediately obvious, so it is advisable to directly ask for clarification.

4. Use The "We're Just Friends" Facial Expression

If you are not interested in the person who addresses you as "love," make it clear that you see the relationship as purely platonic.

This will prevent the person from harboring false hope of mutual attraction.

5. Tell Him Other Pet Names You Prefer

If you are fond of the person who addresses you as "love," but prefer a different nickname, clearly express your preference and offer alternative options.

Suggestions such as "sweetheart," "boo," "babe," "bae," or a variation of "love" will likely be appreciated, and the person will likely start using your preferred nickname immediately.

6. Make Prolonged Eye Contact

Maintaining prolonged eye contact with the person who refers to you as "love" signals your acceptance or enjoyment of it. If you want to convey your positive feelings towards it, hold eye contact and avoid breaking it first.

Conversely, avoiding eye contact conveys a negative message.

7. Send Him A Text Message

If you were pleased with being referred to as "love," send a kind text message expressing how it made you feel. It may be wise to wait and send the message at a later time to avoid embarrassing the person in the moment.

If someone called you "love" and it made you uncomfortable, it's a good idea to send them a message to express that it wasn't okay.


What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Babe Or Love?

A man calling you a romantic nickname such as "babe" or "love" usually indicates that he is interested in you. If he just wants a friends-with-benefits or a hookup, he might use terms like "sexy," "sugar," or "hot stuff." However, there is a possibility that he is playing games and trying to get into an intimate situation with you.

Do Guys Like Being Called Love?

Surprisingly, most guys do not mind being called "love" by a girl, even if it is flirty. In fact, many men are not bothered by any name a woman might call them, as long as it has a hint of flirtation. However, there are some macho men who do not like being referred to as "love."

What Does Love Mean To A Man

"Love" means different things to different men. If a man tells you he loves you, it is a strong indication that he is at least very infatuated with you. If he calls you "love" but does not seem to be in love with you, there can be various reasons, such as uncertainty about his feelings, flirting, or a desire for intimacy.