When A Girl Has Trust Issues, Please Avoid Doing These 12 Things

When A Girl Has Trust Issues, Please Avoid Doing These 12 Things

For whatever reason, this girl has a problem trusting anyone, but she still gave you her heart and let you into her life. She did the unthinkable by letting her guard down for you, which is why ensuring she has no trust issues is the least you can do.

Here's how you can honor the trust she has for you.

1. Make Sure You Have The Best Intentions

This girl has been hurt before, and it was by people she trusted when she shouldn't have. So, she can tell that someone has bad intentions for her very easily.

That's why you will be wasting your time if you come near her with your bad intentions. You can't play this girl, which is why it's not even worth trying.

2. Really Listen

This girl will know when you pretend to be listening. So, pay close attention when she is talking.

You don't have to be an expert listener. As long as she sees that you are making an effort, she will be satisfied.

3. Learn To Control Yourself

To get along with this girl, you have to be very patient. Because of her trust issues, she will not immediately give herself to you.

She will be very careful to determine if you are worth her trust before she drops her guard and lets you in. So, don't force things, thinking you need to up your game or something. She just needs time before you can be trusted.

The good thing is that when she lets you in and trusts you, you will know it. It will be one of the most beautiful moments in your life.

4. Back Your Words With Actions

As they say, actions speak louder than words. With this girl, prove you meant what you said through actions where necessary.

5. If You Are Running Late, Let Her Know

When you don't show up on time, this girl will think the worst of your lateness. So, don't make her sick with worry over your whereabouts.

Obviously, there will be times you cannot avoid being late, and during these times, you should let her know that you might not make it in time to keep her from worrying.

6. No Jokes About Cheating

Need I explain this further?

7. Stop Flirting With Other Woman

To a regular girl, flirting is not cheating. But to this girl, it is, and she will get hurt.

If she is your girl, don't put her through the agony of imagining that you are not faithful to her. Once she feels betrayed, she will lose respect for you and that could very well ruin the relationship.

8. Don't Openly Admire Other Attractive Women

You can notice, but drooling is a no-no.

9. Don't Be Angry Over Her Insecurity

Before you were even part of her life, she was insecure. So, bear with her, and love her with her all.

Try to understand where she is coming from and don't expect her to change suddenly just because you are in her life. Be patient with her, and whether or not she changes is really not your responsibility-stop taking it so personally.

10. Forget About Lying

However minor something is, don't lie about it. The day she catches you lying will be the day she loses all her trust in you.

From there, everything will go to hell.

11. Answer Her Questions

Any time you don't answer her, it will mean you are hiding something. If you don't have an answer or are uncomfortable addressing the question, say it rather than ignoring the question.

That will make her trust you, and she will still respect you.

But when you just evade the question or hide the truth behind convoluted excuses, you will make her trust you less. That's the worst thing you can do with a girl with trust issues.

12. Never Make Her Doubt You

Doubt is terrible for a girl with trust issues. It makes it impossible for you to have a healthy relationship with her.

To sum up, let me say it's pretty simple, really: as long as you do these 12 things, a girl with trust issues will have no problems with you.