When 2 Guys Bow Before "12 Days Of Christmas" Skit, The Whole Audience Roars In Laughter

When 2 Guys Bow Before “12 Days Of Christmas” Skit, The Whole Audience Roars In Laughter

If you are most people, then you probably know the beloved Christmas classic "The Twelve Days Of Christmas" by heart.

It almost feels like a patriotic duty to have experienced a performance of the song a couple of times in your life.

It's A Beautiful Composition With A Rich History And An Incredible Message.

when 2 guys bow before

That said, the novelty does wear off after a while.

Yes, let's be honest. Two or three repeats of the skit might leave you yawning or scrolling through your phone absentmindedly in the middle of the performance.

It's nothing to be ashamed about, we've all been there.

But Guess What? I Have Some Good News For You

when 2 guys bow before

Two guys found a solution to this problem. They had to break tradition, and we are all happier for it. This version is nothing like you remember the song. Not in the way you have heard or seen it.

Two Hilarious Goofballs Were Part Of The Show, And That Did The Trick

They made this a refreshing remake of the popular classic and everyone is talking and laughing about it long past its final hilarious act.

It started predictably enough. You know the drill: partridge in a pear tree, turtle doves, and French hens.

when 2 guys bow before

What follows next is what you would never expect. That's where everyone was left in stitches.

In a hilarious chaotic twist of the original version, the goofy pair move from dancing ladies to egg-laying geese before taking the hilarity of their performance further by acting like birds calling.

The craziness was so authentic and genuinely goofy you couldn't afford to look away for a moment or hold your laughter.

What had most people doubling over in laughter was the way the pair portrayed the partridge in the pear tree. The crowd could have watched that a thousand times.

It Was So Thrilling Watching The Two Do Their Crazy Antics

Since the video was posted before Christmas of 2013, it has gone on to gather a huge crowd of followers. And these fans have pretty positive comments to make about the performance.

when 2 guys bow before

I'll sample a few:

"… Thanks for the laughs. Made my day. Merry Christmas!!!" That's one commenter.

Another boldly stated that "… I fell off the chair laughing. You did a great job and I was exhausted."

After having watched the video myself, I don't think this is an exaggeration.

But I think you get the idea. There are tons of such comments.

It's simple: you have to watch this video. It's hilarious, but you don't have to take my word or that of various viewers.

I dare you to make this unique take on "12 Days Of Christmas" is a must-watch. But you better be ready to laugh because there is no getting around that.

And how about being a good sport and spreading around the Christmas cheer by sharing the video with your friends and family?