What's Your Spirit Animal According To Zodiac

What’s Your Spirit Animal According To Zodiac

Many traditions and cultures across the globe involve the existence of spirit animals. Your spirit animal defines you and shows who you are. It can be like a Patronus of sorts as well.

So, if you are interested in knowing what your spirit animal is according to your zodiac sign, read up!

Aries - Cheetah

If you were born under the sign of Aries, this means that you are extroverted, full of energy, and high focus. Some might say, just like a cheetah. Meet your spirit animal! People may be a bit scared of you, but you are charming and when you talk, everyone listens.

Taurus - Bear

You may think that your spirit animal is the Bull, but it's far from that. Your spirit animal is a Bear. Just like a bear, you are strong and stable. You love having stability and you protect people you love the most.

Gemini - Dolphin

Playful, fun, and curious describes Geminis and dolphins perfectly. Just like this majestic animal, you are smart and you love to explore the world. You are also very social and hate being alone.

Cancer - Rabit

Cancers, just like Rabbits, are shy and clever. They are always fighting their fears and thinking outside the box. Rabbits are also very nurturing and love their family, which is exactly what Cancers love too.

Leo - Dragon

Dragons may be mythical (or are they?) but Leo's personality fits them perfectly. Strong, brave, and impactful, Leos resemble Dragons in more than one way. They are both leaders, noble, and they love the spotlight.

Virgo - Fox

With all that mental agility, who else would be your spirit animal but the fox, dear Virgo. You are both witty and quick, yet very adaptable and flexible. Analytical and cunning, the fox is definitely your spirit animal.

Libra - Swan

Gentle and beautiful, a swan matches you perfectly. They are beautiful and soft inside and out. You are balanced and peaceful, which makes you a perfect friend to so many people.

Scorpio - Phoenix

Another mythical creature, a Phoenix suits Scorpio's personality to a tee. You, just like a phoenix, are soft and vulnerable on the inside, while remaining hard and unbreakable on the outside. You are a symbol of inner strength and surviving all hardships.

Sagittarius - Cat

You don't like to be told what to do or being tied down. Who does that remind you of? That's right - a cat! Just like a cat, you are independent and adventurous. You don't like rules and you love freedom.

Capricorn - Alligator

Like an alligator, you are assertive and very patient. But, when you grab something, you don't let it go. You surprise people with your strength and fierceness. You are also very traditional and like things a certain way.

Aquarius - Spider

Like a spider, you like your alone time and you love being creative. You have a complex nature and people are often unsure whether they like you straight away. As an Aquarius, you also embrace both light and dark.

Pisces - Deer

Pisces, your personality matches that of a Deer. You are a very calm person and open to different experiences. You value people you love, but you are also shy and you don't respond well to things that are not up to your taste.