What's The Longest You Have Gone Without Criticizing Someone?

What’s The Longest You Have Gone Without Criticizing Someone?

There seems to be an obsession about "doing things differently." Different, apparently, is better.

But What If We Are Wrong About This?

We are being encouraged to speak our minds over everything. Apparently, it's your right, and it's healthy.

But look at all the negativity being spilled on social media. People have been driven to trauma and even suicide by people who believed they were giving their honest opinions.


Sure, we get that there are many online bullies out there, and their goal is to ruin people's lives with their comments. But regular people "expressing" their honest opinions say hurtful things all the time.

My question is this: if you are regularly on social media, how long have you gone without being critical of someone?

Apparently, things have gotten so bad that a challenge has come up.


You are being asked to go a day without being critical of someone. And why stop there. You can go for two days or longer if possible.

And don't for a moment assume that it's just ordinary people trying to get noticed online getting the negative comments.

Celebrities Definitely Have It Worse Than Everybody

Many popular public figures have been very vocal about the abuse they have suffered over the web over personal decisions they have made in their lives.


For instance, you forgive a partner after they do you wrong, and people say you are tolerating mistreatment. You do the opposite. People say you are too high and mighty, which is why you can't make things work with others.

There is literally nothing attention-worthy that will save you from the ire online critics, however positive.

Hell, you could post a photo of you helping a needy person to call attention to their plight, and all the online world will see is someone thirsty for cheap affection.


Trolls And Judgmental People Have Crowded The Web

They bombard everyone with their bad comments.

Some will shame moms, while others will criticize extravagance. Some will even go after your kids if you put them up on social media.

Online Critics Know No Limits

You try to do something unique, and people will do all they can to make sure you know how much they disagree with you.


What's The World Coming To?

Why does it suddenly seem uncool not to support people and what they do to make themselves happy? What will become of future generations raised in a world that teaches them to see the negative side of everything?

The change has to start with you and me. And all it takes is attempting to hold off that critical comment the next time someone does something worth appreciating. Sure, some things are worth being critical about, but it can't be that you can see nothing positive in what people do every time.