What's Left After Dating A Narcissist

What's Left After Dating A Narcissist

Narcissists have mastered the art of disguise, and a woman dating a narcissist will never be aware she is dating one until it's too late. She will eventually be left alone, broken, and drained. It will take a lot of time for her to recover because the consequences of dating a narcissist are immense.

Her self-worth is crushed, leaving her completely lost and with very low self-esteem. The girl is left vulnerable and afraid all the time. The results of dating such a toxic guy are always written all over her and can't be hidden however much she tries. She won't smile unless she has to, to reassure those who care for her. Losing her genuine smile is the price she had to pay because of welcoming the narcissist into her life. She has forgotten what happiness means.

The woman develops a defense mechanism in order to avoid talking about what she has gone through. She keeps herself busy all the time, and she avoids people at all costs. Dating a narcissist left her with anxiety and depression, and it may take her a while to feel normal again once he is gone.

Recovering and surviving the aftermath of dating a narcissist won't be easy. The process is long, and people will think "just get over it already." Only those who care and love her will be sure to be in her company when she needs them most. They are the pillar of her healing process as she can't do it alone.

Because of dating a narcissist, she forgets the good in humans because her past forces her only to see her tormentor in each person she comes across.

If you dodged the bullet of dating a narcissist, trust me, you can't wrap your head around what she has lost and gone through. She is not recovering from love lost or relationship failure, but from warfare. If you know this woman, you need to be patient with her, as your impatience will only harm her. If you can't help her, then do not judge her.

She needs constant reassurance. She has long forgotten how to be fearless. She just anticipates everything bad.

If you end up with a woman who was hurt by a narcissist, then she needs to hear good things from you very often. Tell her the nightmare is over and that everything will be okay. She needs not worry because you'll be her rock.

She will have a hard time trusting people due to her past, and any acts of good toward her are taken with a dose of suspicion. It will take some time before she can love again. She is constantly apologizing even for things she shouldn't be sorry for because that is her defensive mechanism.

Dating a narcissist always comes with a price. She's been forced to hide her feelings all the time. She's scared people won't understand, so she bottles up her feelings. Frequent mood swings are a result of her isolating and guarding her heart.

However overwhelming it might be being there for her, keep on reassuring her because it is worth it. It's not her fault, and deep down she is an amazing person. She needs someone who will put her first after being put down for so long, and someone to help her heal. She deserves to matter again. Show her that she has nothing to be afraid of and your efforts will not go to waste.