What's It Like When Fear Doesn't Run Your Life?

What’s It Like When Fear Doesn’t Run Your Life?

Being brave or strong enough to run your own life and make your own decisions is a blessing. It has always been my obsession, the idea of not allowing fear to overtake you completely. Bravery is a trait that I love to carry along with me most of the days. It doesn't happen every day, and fear does cloud my mind too. We all have our own fears that don't allow us to break through our comfort zone and live life to the fullest or the way we wish to.

I have idolized the idea of running my life on my own, making new decisions, taking chances, and stepping outside my usual comfort box for a long time. I decided that I had to put my idolization to work. Only idolizing the idea of not being scared of anything doesn't work. You need to learn from it to allow it to make a change in your life.

To be honest, it can take years to realize that you might have never lived your life to the fullest just due to the fear of something. A lot of people compromise on the choice of their career, the love of their life, where they live, and much more, just due to the fear of losing something or not being able to get the fullest out of it. I have been there. I have felt afraid of expressing my feelings out loud. I have been scared to choose the career line I wanted because I knew that I had to work part-time to handle my finances.

I have been in the swirl of the fear of being judged. But then one night it dawned on me that fear was running my life. It was making decisions for me. I wasn't the one deciding what I wanted to do; it was all being run by fear. Gradually, I decided to be courageous and to allow myself to make decisions for myself, according to what I wanted to do and how I wanted things to be. So how does it feel if your life is not run by fear?

Question yourself:

The first thing you need to do is question yourself. Ask yourself what would you want to do if your life was not being run by fear? For instance, I asked myself this question the night I decided that I didn't want fear to run my life and I had instant answers to it. I would love without the fear of getting my heartbroken, I would choose my desired career path and I would be what I am, without the fear of being judged; this is what I told myself.

However, it instigated me to actually start working on it and though it took me some months, I started doing it all. I applied for design. I decided to love someone whom I knew wouldn't be mine forever, but I told myself that everyone is going to break my heart at some point in life, but the fear of a broken heart cannot take me away from some wonderful memories that I can build.

How does it feel to live without fear?

The feeling of not allowing fear to run your life is unexplainable. You free yourself from the shackles of the rules that society has set for you. You are able to live a life that makes you happy and content without being scared about judgment. Fear is a pigment that stains your mind and does not allow you to live your life the way you want to. It stops you from chasing your dreams and makes them look unrealistic. But remember what Disney said? Dreams do come true. You just need to believe in them.

By simply believing in yourself and what you desire, you can free yourself from fear and lead a happy life. Stop being scared of people, society, and other things that force you to lead a life that you don't want to. To live your life to the fullest and achieve what you want to, you simply need to let go of fear and you will see amazing things take place. You will be able to laugh more, live to the fullest, and enjoy every moment as it passes by.

Just remember that we are our own criticizers and cheerleaders. Somedays, you are going to boost yourself to wonderful limits and achieve everything you want to. Some days you won't feel like getting out of bed either. Fear strikes to the fullest on the bad days and it is your duty to not get scared of it.

Allow yourself to relax and maybe mope around a bit too. The fear of falling behind or not being able to be efficient for a single day is going to take you nowhere. So drop it off. If you feel tired, learn to rest but never stop. You will eventually see that by dropping tiny doubts and fears of your life, you will be able to enjoy a great and happier life.

If you want to be content and love yourself, then put fear in the bin and go conquer the world. It is waiting for you out there!