What Your Zodiac Sign Says You Want In A Relationship But Will Never Ask For

What Your Zodiac Sign Says You Want In A Relationship But Will Never Ask For

We all have needs we don't feel comfortable expressing to the world. It's an intriguing part of human nature.

And now as it turns out, here is what you secretly want in a partner based on your zodiac sign.

1. Aries: Support Even When Rude

With their boundless intensity, Aries can easily say things they did not mean to. They suffer an internal conflict because on some level, they have an urge to push their partners away, which is why they often say mean words. Sometimes they are just keeping it real. But even when they do, their unexpressed wish is that you don't walk away from hearing these words.

2. Taurus: Being Loved As Much As They Do

If you are a Taurus, then you are probably full of love. But you have high standards and wish that people were as interested and passionate about you as you are about them.

3. Gemini: Getting Love Despite Their Darkness

Gemini lovers know they are not perfect and that they possess some unsavory traits their partners have to put up with. That is why a Gemini wishes to be with someone who will love them despite the darkness.

4. Cancer: Receiving The Same Level Of Care They Offer

Cancers love being in love, and we are not surprised by this: they have big hearts. They fall hard and deep and care about their partners as much as humanly possible. Their greatest wish is having someone who cares as much about them.

5. Leo: Validation Of Their Sense Of Awesomeness

Leos are full of energy and charm, and they love attention because they believe they are truly awesome. But deep down, they have big hearts. They wish for people who adore them and believe that they are great.

6. Virgo: Being Wanted Despite The Quirks

We all have quirks. But Virgos think their quirks are a big deal. That is why they wish to be with someone who will still want to be with them despite their quirks. Now, ain't that cute?

7. Libra: Genuine Love

Libras love love, But they want it to come from the right place, whether romantic or platonic. But if the love is not genuine, it will get tense with a Libra. They don't like pretenses.

8. Scorpio: A Trustworthy Person

Scorpios are naturally charming, and they never let you in unless they can trust you. So, even after they bring down all their walls for you, they expect you to meet certain standards of trustworthiness. That means having to prove yourself trustworthy to a Scorpio every once in a while.

9. Sagittarius: Someone Who Can Keep Up

A Scorpio will be full of adventure. Anyone who keeps them from exploring is not the best fit for them. That is why they are concerned that they might be with someone who can't keep up with their adventurous nature.

10. Capricorn: A Need For Their Assistance And Advice

Capricorns work their butts off and seek success in all areas of their lives. Even in their relationships, Capricorns give it their all. That is why they love helping their partners be as successful as possible, and they like it when their attempts to help are welcomed.

11. Aquarius: Someone Who Gives Them Space And Trust

An Aquarius can love deeply and commit. But they also have an adventurous side and wish to be given some space and freedom in their lives. At these times, they need understanding partners.

12. Pisces: Someone Who Can Change Their Bad Habits For Their Sake

Need I say more? At heart, Pisces are romantics, and they are full of optimism. That is why they often hope their partners will change for the better.

Whether or not we are willing to admit it, we all have secret desires concerning those we are romantically tied to. What's yours? Think the astrologers got you figured out?