What Your Zodiac Sign Has To Say Concerning The Upcoming New Year

What Your Zodiac Sign Has To Say Concerning The Upcoming New Year

How far along are you on 2019's New Year's resolutions? Don't want to talk about it? Me neither. All right then. Let's move on and see what the next new year has to offer.

How about we do it differently this time? Let's have a look at what the stars have to say about us regarding the coming year. I know, I know. Astrology-based New Year's resolutions might be a little far-fetched.

But consider how your very own list of resolutions have turned out so far.

So, here we are. Fingers crossed.

1. Capricorn (Dec 22–Jan 20)

Okay, let's start with a bit of a backstory. So far, 2019 has been an interesting year for you, wouldn't you agree? Well, that will continue well into next year as you come face to face with new experiences.

It will be your time to "come out." And it's not what you think. You will let your true self known by allowing the world a peep into your runaway ideas. You might want to change your fashion sense or change your hair.

The best part is that the universe will be attentive, and it will give you some crazy things you ask for. So, as soon as the year starts, get started and let your thoughts go wild. Imagine how crazy it will be for you to see 2020 become 'your year'?

2. Aquarius (Jan 21–Feb 18)

When it comes down to it, most things in life are better kept simple. For you, the new year will have several simple pleasures for you to enjoy.

It could be nature, hikes, or an adventure. Best of all, you can expect peace, which will be welcome after having such a busy year. But don't worry, you will not slack off in other areas of your life.

3. Pisces (Feb 19–Mar 20)

You can expect your life to have new friends and adventures once the new year begins. Things will change but embrace them. However, keep an eye out for fakers who might have ill intentions. While at it, try to find some inner peace through meditation. The calmness and assurance will come in handy during the new year.

4. Aries (Mar 21–Apr 19)

The new year will be lots of fun. Lose yourself in it! You have been busy, and you need a break, even though you have not answered many questions about your life and your future. But understand that you will never have all the answers you need. Learn to live with the unknown, because staying on the sidelines might lead to some regrets down the road.

5. Taurus (Apr 20–May 21)

Good news for you, Taurus. The coming year will be your year of expansion, both personally and professionally. You might even learn something new about yourself, and you might travel a lot. Don't hesitate, embrace the spirit of adventure. You will like it!

6. Gemini (May 22–Jun 21)

As the year begins, your creative energies will be at their highest. You will want to share your ideas, show your creativity, and enhance your spirituality. You might even learn things about yourself you never knew.

7. Cancer (Jun 22–Jul 22)

How about sweet romance for the new year? Pretty good, right? But you might have to deal with some baggage from the past before you can move on to this blissful romantic adventure.

Cherish communication. It will help you a big deal. Take caution though, but otherwise, be ready to find your heart's desire.

8. Leo (Jul 23–Aug 22)

I know this year has not gone the way you expected. You fell short of your goals. But you also had high expectations. Luckily, the new year will be different.

Your goals will still be high, but you will totally achieve them. You are industrious, and the experience you have gotten over this year will carry over into the next and unlock the doors of success.

9. Virgo (Aug 23–Sep 22)

While people are trying to check things off their New Year's resolution lists, you are just having fun and finding more ways to enjoy yourself. By all means, keep at it, and when the new year comes, enjoy the thrills it will give you.

10. Libra (Sep 23–Oct 22)

Your search for love has paid off. But it's possible it hasn't already, in which case you need to look for it in the right places during the new year.

Don't worry, you will enjoy plenty of romance in the new year, and your senses and passions will be rewarded richly. Don't rush anything, everything will fall into place. There shall be no regrets for you in the new year.

11. Scorpio (Oct 23–Nov 22)

You feel worn out, and you could really use a break. Sadly, the craziness will spill into the new year. But after that will come lots of peace and clarity. So, hold on and keep going forward, the storm is almost over.

12. Sagittarius (Nov 23–Dec 21)

You have had enough time to reflect this year. You have considered your goals, dreams, ambitions, values, and everything in between. You are ready for a new year, and it has a lot of surprises for you.

With a new burst of energy, you will put things right and become a better version of yourself. You have every reason to look forward to the new year. Welcome it with both hands!