What Your Favorite Netflix Stars Are Streaming Now

What Your Favorite Netflix Stars Are Streaming Now

We live in a world of streaming, where everyone can find something that suits their own taste. Gone are the days of just a few TV channels, with the family gathered around that night's offerings. Today, we cozy up with our laptops, tablets, and smartphones to stuff ourselves full of whatever we're binging on Netflix. It could be true crime, trashy reality TV, or a new German thriller – whatever it is, we need to finish it!

What Are You Watching?

So, what is everyone else watching? There's so much tucked away on Netflix that it can be hard to uncover everything. Do you keep hearing about that animated show with the horse? Or perhaps you never caught up with the falsely accused murderers in Wisconsin. Regardless – we're here for you!

What's better than hearing about the best of Netflix from the best of Netflix? That's right – the stars of some of Netflix's best shows have some recommendations for what to watch on the streaming platform. After all, just because you're on Netflix doesn't mean you don't watch it too.

Let's find out what Netflix stars are streaming right now!

Ramona Young

Never Have I Ever actress Ramona Young is currently obsessed with nostalgia-filled sci-fi Stranger Things. If you haven't caught the show yet (what have you been doing??), it follows a group of curious kids as they uncover the shady and supernatural goings-on in their small town. Production of Season 4 of Stranger Things was delayed due to the pandemic, but fingers crossed it'll appear on our screens soon!

Lee Rodriguez

Fellow Never Have I Ever actress Lee Rodriguez has had her eyes on something a little more grown-up. She's been watching the psychological thriller You, featuring Gossip Girl alumni Penn Badgley. The show was huge on Netflix, and a third season is expected in 2021.

Alisha Boe

Alisha Boe plays Jessica Davis in the teen drama 13 Reasons Why. Her pick on Netflix right now is the critically acclaimed animated series Bojack Horseman. Whilst a show about a horse that used to be a sitcom star sounds a little bizarre (and it is), it's also a dark, clever, and multilayered tale of stardom, sadness, and relationships. Bojack finished up its run in 2019.

Brandon Flynn

Fellow cast member Brandon Flynn from 13 Reasons Why agrees with his co-star on the merits of Bojack Horseman. Seriously, this show features the voice work of Will Arnett, Alison Brie, Aaron Paul, and Amy Sedaris. Plus, it has a ton of animal puns!

Madelyn Cline

Star of action-adventure series Outer Banks Madelyn Cline is a fan of Netflix's grisly true crime options. The actress recommends the 2019 documentary Don't F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer and is also enjoying horror drama Locke & Key.

However, the actress also enjoys some good old reality TV, including Netflix's mega-hits Love is Blind and The Circle.

Madison Bailey

Outer Bank's Madison Bailey considers herself obsessed with her current Netflix faves. The actress is a big fan of the coming-of-age series Atypical, which follows the life of a teen with autism. The show has three seasons so far, with the fourth and final coming in 2021.

Bailey is also obsessed with Netflix's comedy-drama Dear White People. The series follows black students at an Ivy League college and explores American race-relations in the process. The series is also heading into its fourth and final season.

Khosi Ngema

Star of South African series Blood & Water Khosi Ngema is a huge fan of dark comedy Dead to Me. The series follows Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini as they navigate grief, trauma, and betrayal, all while staying bitingly sarcastic and righteously angry. Ngema admits that the dynamic in Dead to Me isn't totally dissimilar to the one in Blood & Water and reckons that her character Fiks "is definitely the Judy."

Ross Butler

Star of To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You and 13 Reasons Why, Ross Butler, has also been enjoying an animated offering on Netflix. While he isn't into Bojack like his cast members, he has been enjoying Nick Kroll's animated sitcom Big Mouth. The series gives us a look into growing up, puberty included. It's currently in its third season and has been renewed by Netflix for another three!

Ama Qamata

Star of Blood & Water, actress Ama Qamata, has been using Netflix to get inspired. The South African actress loved Becoming, the Netflix documentary about former First Lady Michelle Obama. Speaking about the doc, Qamata said,

"Seeing how she's so invested in the youth and young girls, to empower us, to really believe in our dreams — it's such a huge inspiration to me."

Ama Qamata

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

The lead of coming of age drama Never Have I Ever, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan has been watching Ava DuVernay's crime series When They See Us. The series follows the 1989 Central Park jogger case and explores the lives of the suspects and their families throughout the case. The miniseries has four parts and was critically acclaimed. Speaking of the show, Ramakrishnan said,

"It's the truth. That's some serious truth. That show will forever be underrated no matter what."

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

Chase Stokes

Outer Banks actor Chase Stokes shares a similar taste in Netflix to his on-screen and real-life girlfriend Madelyn Cline. The actor considers himself a "documentary nerd" and considers Don't F**k With Cats as his current favorite. Stokes also admits to enjoying the reality show The Circle and is on the final episode of Narcos: Mexico.

Alba Baptista

Alba Baptista plays a tetraplegic orphan in the fantasy drama Warrior Nun. The Portuguese actress is obsessed with the German science fiction thriller Dark, which culminated in its third and final season this year. Dark uncovers a multi-generational time travel conspiracy, as well as exploring the aftermath of a child's disappearance. Baptista binged season 1 in just three days.

Jonathan Daviss

Outer Banks actor Jonathan Daviss is another big fan of the animated sitcom Bojack Horseman. The actor also enjoys the cyberpunk series Altered Carbon, which is based on a 2002 novel. The series has two seasons so far, as well as an anime film set before the first season.

Rudy Pankow

Finally, Outer Banks actor Rudy Pankow throws his hat in the ring for the Polish-American fantasy series The Witcher. The medieval-inspired series follows the legends, characters, and events of "The Continent", and stars Henry Cavill and Freya Allan. The Witcher has had one season so far, with another coming in 2021.