What You Were Supposed To Learn By 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What You Were Supposed To Learn By 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The three wise men looked out for the stars and one star in particular to guide them. Like them, most of us tend to reach for the stars for guidance based on our zodiac signs.

So what should we all have figured out before 2018 ends based on our zodiac signs?


You were supposed to learn to become more patient. Things appear to move slowly, and you should have also learned how to trust people, though it could have been quite a struggle for you. This includes people from both your love and business life.

Past opportunities that presented themselves should have come to fruition. You should have learned how to co-exist and acknowledge the benefits of teamwork. You should have become better as an individual, be it as a lover, co-worker, or boss. You should've honed yourself to become more emphatic, passionate, and steered away from selfishness.


You should have figured out what you want and what the world wants from you. You might have achieved self-discovery through your soul-searching endeavors. This should have resulted in a pivotal realization.

You should have taken a plunge headfirst toward changes that make you better; some may have been unexpected. These brought you to change toward a new understanding and perspective on things.

You should have clarified gray areas regarding your love life and including lingering questions you've had about past loves. Aries should have gained back clarity to boost their focus, especially in love which will become deeply rooted by next year.


You should have unexpectedly advanced because of your past choices. Choices you've made might have left lasting impressions that will carry on for many years. As a result, you should have gained clarity on what you have missed out on.

You were meant to walk and not run over the past years toward your goals. By this year, you should have lived up to your ambitions on a daily basis, and have begun to fulfill your dreams. This might have come with a renewed sense of responsibility. This sense of responsibility is meant toward things or relationships which you've obviously valued. You then should have decided on what and who you want to stay in your life. Love should have taken center stage this year. It is not only between a romantic relationship, but it can also be among family, close friends, or even love of yourself.


Changes might have occurred at home which brought you closer to your family. You should have confronted new challenges and focused on yourself and your work. The attention you've given both has eventually paid off.

You should have also catered more to others. However, you should have reached a realization and clarity towards who you truly want to maintain a relationship with, especially with a few select friendships.

You should have embraced the fulfillment of a recent dream project. Your new normal should be outside your comfort zone. This should've pushed you to achieve greater things that you didn't realize you were capable of.


You should have let go of past plans and accepted things based on what you have instead. Those past things didn't work because they weren't meant for your best interest in life, but you just need to keep on waiting on where life will take you.

The year could have taken its toll on you. At this moment, you should now be geared with renewed confidence in yourself. You survived rough years, and you went places you didn't expect you'll be. You should have expanded your borders and met new people. You should have also tried new things and discovered new things in life.


Libra should have learned how to plant seeds. Though the past few years were radical due to an Emerald in Jupiter, this should have brought enlightened connections to your personal and professional career. They will also come to fruition in 2019.

You may have held yourself back. However, this didn't deter you from having a serious commitment and achieving financial stability recently. You should have achieved a higher version of yourself.


Your past and darkest traumas could have reunited with you. These didn't make you suffer but rather brought you a realization that it can't actually hurt you anymore. They have no bearing whatsoever.

You possibly found passion and rediscovered true love. You made a turn when you realized you can still redeem things for yourself.

There were changes that might have been brought about by your past. Right now, you know where you should be headed in life.


You should have become strong-minded but still gullible at the same time. However, as time went on, you might have learned to make decisions on your own. You should have accepted what didn't work in the past year and realized which doors were already closed.

People around you have revealed their true colors, and your business ventures might have mixed results. Some may have been fruitful, and some not. However, you should have been able to make a pivotal turn to redeem yourself from the situation.

You had a journey into the unknown. Perhaps you've ventured into a new career endeavor or went to a place you've never been before. If you did, you should have realized your capability and have truly lived in your best interest and not due to the interests of other people around you.


You should have reconciled a failed relationship. This leads to an improvement in your well-being. You ought to have reached distant places and been close to people you didn't expect to get along with. You should have come out the other end with a greater sense of clarity.

You may have reconnected with someone in your family. It can be a cousin or aunt. You've let the right people in. They also could have contributed to significant changes this year. You may have adjusted career-wise or something like a daily routine. This is actually a good move since greener pastures await you.


You should have found a clearer vision of yourself now based on your own self-confidence. You're no longer swayed by what others feel and think about you. Instead, you prefer to honor what you feel over what others believed in.

You've suddenly have come to embrace emotions you've shoved away for so long. You now should have achieved self-renewal. You should have come to realize what you didn't want for yourself and started to build the life of your dreams. The decisions you might have recently made in regards to your life and career will leave a mark.


You should have reinvented yourself over the past two years. You should have made decisions at home, shifted in your career, or adjusted your inner circle of friends. As a result, you might have come to change your self-perception, which is actually an acceptance of who you truly are.

You should have driven your tribe and no longer fear speaking up. You should have found reprieve, and personal and business relationships should have taken center stage towards success.


Well, by now, you should have cut loose ends and are finally no longer held back. You should have pursued and achieved a dream. An adventure you were set on to take was successful. An aspect of your life is bound to reach the next level. It can be a new relationship or job promotion.

This year was a ride or die moment for you. Next year life is bound to bring you something new.