What You Should Know About Dating A Leo

What You Should Know About Dating A Leo

Like the majestic king of the jungle, a Leo is full of showy confidence and passion. A Leo can get attention all day long and never tire of it.

The heart guides a Leo's decisions, and that often leads to problems as they can easily get overwhelmed.

But let's get serious for a moment. What is dating a Leo really like?

Here are the answers.

Take Note Of Their Egos

Leos and their egos are inseparable. As far as they know, the world revolves around them. But how you relate with one will determine how they deal with you. If you give them the attention they crave, then expect them to put on a show for you over and over again.

If you challenge their need to feel like the boss, then expect to always go back and forth with them. In any case, if you want your Leo date to be happy, shower them with compliments. Compliment everything, and their love for attention will easily translate into love for you.

They Are Playful

If life was all fun and games, Leos would be very happy. They can be serious when necessary, but deep down, they want someone who can make them happy and playful. A Leo wants to be free to explore their wild side with all the impulses they can master.

So, the more outrageous you are, the better you will be with a Leo. Leos can decide whether or not something is worth doing based on whether or not it's fun to do.

They Like Confidence

If you have the confidence to stand up for yourself, then you are your Leo love interest will work out just fine. Being insecure and needy will put off Leo. And based on what we know about Leos and their need for attention, this should hardly be surprising. They would not want the negative energy to rub off on them and ruin their precious egos.

Similarly, pursuing a Leo is not always a good idea. Lions do the chasing, remember. Not the other way round. They don't like mind games either. You should be decisive and confident.

All Parties Will Be Amazing

Leos never run out of energy. Even if you attend the lamest and the most boring party ever, expect to enjoy it with a Leo by your side. They love to infuse life into seemingly hopeless situations and make them memorable and unforgettable. Leos love parties and they bend over backward to make sure everybody else does.

Given their love for attention, Leos love relationships since that gives them most of the attention they need in life. That also means they will attempt to cater to your needs so you can take care of their needs.

Give Them Space

Despite their love for attention, Leos need some time alone. But it can't be too much time or it will feel like neglect. You can know a Leo needs some space when you realize their energy is low.

Also, when it's clear they would rather focus on a particular task, let them be and avoid getting in the way. They don't like very tough challenges, though, since they hate feeling like failures.

So, as you can see, dating a Leo is a mixed bag. You will need to give your Leo date the attention they desire, and you cannot be too serious about life. Confidence will also help you get further with a Leo. Otherwise, your social life will be fun and without limits with a Leo as your partner.