what you ought to know about dating apps

With the current COVID-19 Pandemic, RL dating is close to impossible. Consequently, it has sparked a large number of users on dating apps and sites alike.

Finding love is important, and using dating apps is one way to get it. Here are 5 tips you need to know about dating apps to save you a lot of time and heartache;

1. Window-Shopping

what you ought to know about dating apps

There are different items and products to choose from in stores, and dating apps do the same with people. Therefore, dating apps more or less act like online stores.

You’re given too many options. As a result, you go on different dates with potential partners, and your prospects do the same.

Besides, you’re compared to other candidates, and you may end up falling on the wayside. On the bright side, you’re also picking and dropping other matches.

2. Conversation

what you ought to know about dating apps

Some dating apps don’t provide detailed profiles and use a swipe right-left technique. While it may be easy to get a match, holding a conversation can be hard. And I mean high-level conversations that lead to relationship success.

Firstly, you might get a match who can’t hold a decent conversation without sending unsolicited nudes. It’s annoying. However, some dating apps blur nudes.

Secondly, most prospects don’t match the energy on their profiles and don’t make an effort to keep a conversation interesting. Similarly, you feel pushed to initiate conversation. However, when you respond, your prospect unmatches. It’s frustrating. I know.

Don’t rack your brain wondering if there’s something wrong with you. You’re perfect. It’s them with the problem.

3. Posers

what you ought to know about dating apps

Online daters are susceptible to being catfished. For instance: matches may use older pics. Therefore, when you go on a date, you find yourself with an older version of your match. Similarly, other users use a lot of filters that they look very different in person. Like two different people.

Looks aren’t everything, but if you can lie about your appearance, what else are you probably lying about?

The truth is, no matter how intellectual your match seems, you never really know whether the person is real or not. Keep your head up. Don’t fall for fake profiles.

4. Bad Intentions

what you ought to know about dating apps

Dating apps have many users from different parts of the world and all walks of life. That is to say, you meet people you don’t know let alone trust. Malicious people are, therefore, hard to miss on dating apps.

Firstly, some matches aren’t looking for genuine relationships but hookups. Probably because they’re emotionally unavailable, or want to get back at their unfaithful partner. Therefore, you become a tool to satisfy their need.

Secondly, dating apps offer too little information to users. As a result, the anonymity of dating apps encourages gold-diggers, identity theft, threats, and others. Also, if you’re not cautious about what you share, you can attract stalkers. Oversharing to strangers can be pretty dangerous.

5. Slim Chances Of Meeting Your Soul Mate

what you ought to know about dating apps

I’m not bashing dating apps, but they’re a bit ineffective. They’re great since they broaden our search compared to RL, and there are plenty of success stories. But that doesn’t guarantee you’ll find your soul mate.

Besides, online dating is tiring and frustrating since you’re forced to go on many different dates with suitors you’re not even sure you like.

Moreover, dating apps are like any other business, and singles keep them up and running. Chances are they want us to stay single, otherwise, we’d have met our soul mates by now. But we haven’t.

Online dating also encourages hookups, provocative pictures, and funny profiles. So don’t be surprised when most of your matches just want a fling and not a relationship.

In conclusion, dating apps have worked for some and have negatively affected dating for others. Dating the old-fashioned way is of course, better than online dating. However, RL dating might not be an option during this quarantine period. Lucky for you, you have all the knowledge you need to maneuver and succeed in online dating.

For an optimal dating experience, the key is simple: Don’t take anything too seriously. You know it. I know it.