What You Need To Know Before Dating A Redhead

If you think that blondes have all the fun, you haven't had the chance to date a redhead. Redheads make up less than 2% of the world's population, making us the rarest hair color. We take pride in our uniqueness and being a redhead is a crucial aspect of our identity. As a result, we're not always like other girls, and we have our quirks. If you want to win the heart of a redhead, here's what you should know about us:

1. If You Blame Our Fiery Personality On Our Hair Color, We Will Eat You Alive

If you try to use our anger as evidence to support your argument, be prepared for the consequences. It won't work out in your favor.

2. We're Super Proud Of Our Hair Color

We possess an extraordinary knowledge of redhead facts and have an unexplainable bond with redheaded actresses, athletes, politicians, and individuals.

3. We Don't Want To Know About Your Ex-girlfriend Who Was Also A Redhead

We're unsure of how to interpret that statement. If it was just a coincidence, there's no need to mention it. However, if it suggests a strange fetish, it's best not to bring it up.

4. People Are Always Going To Remember Us, Even When We Have No Clue Who They Are

Are you curious about why strangers frequently approach me at parties and, when you inquire about their identity, I admit to not knowing them? Please trust me when I say that I'm not hiding anything. It's just that my red hair makes me stand out, resulting in people recalling my face even after a brief encounter. Regardless of whether we made a positive or negative first impression, individuals are unlikely to forget us.

5. No, We Will Not Dye Our Hair Blonde

The experience of being a redhead is so distinctive that it extends beyond merely having red hair; it's a fundamental part of our identity. Inquiring if we've considered becoming blonde is akin to requesting that we renounce our true selves. It would seem as if we were betraying other redheads around the world.

6. Tell Us That Our Hair Makes Us Special And We'll Love You For Appreciating It

From a young age, we've always stood out, and at times, that made us feel like outcasts. It would be comforting to hear that you recognize our distinctiveness and cherish us for it.

7. It's True, We're Passionate

As we already garner notice because of our hair color, we don't hesitate to be in the spotlight. This implies that we are vocal, strong-willed, outspoken, and fervent. However, at the very least, you'll always know what we think. Furthermore, being a challenge can be alluring.

8. We Can Be Extra Sensitive To Pain

Studies demonstrate that redheads typically require higher amounts of anesthesia to alleviate their pain due to the gene mutation that also causes red hair. Therefore, please be considerate, unless we request otherwise.

We're objectively alluring, with no partiality involved. Redheads, such as Christina Hendricks, Nicole Kidman, and Isla Fisher, have always been portrayed in a sexually suggestive manner. Interestingly, a University of Hamburg investigation discovered that redheaded women have more sexually active lives than their blonde or brunette counterparts. Consequently, when we proclaim that redheads are more sexually appealing, it's a statement based on fact.