What You Can Learn About A Guy From The Way He Hugs

It is normal to want to understand a guy's thoughts and intentions when you have feelings for him. The best way to do this is by communicating directly with him. However, if you want to gauge his feelings casually, you can look at the way he hugs you. Hugs can reveal a lot about a person's personality.

1. The one-handed hug

If a guy gives you a one-handed hug when leaving after a date or saying goodbye, it suggests that he wants to keep the relationship casual. This type of hug could indicate that the guy is either uncomfortable with physical touch, socially awkward, or not romantically interested. In general, this type of hug is not a positive sign.

2. The lingering hug

When a guy gives you a hug that lingers, it could be a sign that he wants to get closer to you and potentially pursue a romantic relationship. He may be testing your reaction and waiting for you to respond positively. However, it's important to consider the context of the situation. If you are upset or have received bad news, the hug may simply be a gesture of comfort without romantic intentions.

3. The hug with a back rub

A hug that is comforting conveys a close and intimate relationship. This type of hug is not given by a guy who sees you as a stranger or casual acquaintance. It suggests a level of intimacy usually reserved for good friends or romantic partners, indicating that he feels comfortable and at ease with you.

4. The hug with complimentary cheek kiss

This type of hug is often given at the end of the night. If the relationship is not yet at a point where a make-out session is appropriate, a guy may hug you tightly and kiss your cheek. This shows that he is considerate and cares for you. A cheek kiss can convey a lot of meaning and does not always indicate a lack of romantic interest. It can be a gentle gesture of affection.

5. The hug with a pat on the back

The meaning behind a pat on the back hug is quite clear, it is a dismissal. It is a clear indication that the person giving the hug does not want to be in a close and intimate relationship. It suggests that there is no chance of any romantic involvement. This type of hug can be hurtful and uncomfortable.

6. The hug from behind

A hug from behind is a very intimate way of connecting, it implies that the relationship is strong. It shows that the person wants to protect you and keep you close to him. It also suggests deep affection as the person is sharing their body warmth with you. This type of hug usually comes after several weeks or months into a relationship, and when it does, it can feel wonderful.