What You Are Addicted To According To Your Zodiac Sign

What You Are Addicted To According To Your Zodiac Sign

No one is perfect. That much we know. There will usually be something you like more than you should, according to society's standards.

Maybe you spend too much time on social media, or watching TV. Or you can't lay off the liquor.

Guess what? It might not be entirely your fault. You can blame it on your star sign.

And so, for each zodiac sign, we will see what you are most likely to get addicted to.


1. Aries - Coffee

You are a high-energy person, which explains your unexplainable love for coffee. While we all love getting our share of 16 ounces every morning, you are not comfortable until you down a few more cups than the rest of us. But it goes with your personality since you like to face the day with confidence and enthusiasm.

2. Taurus - Food

If you are a Taurus, odds are that you describe yourself as a foodie. Foods offer you an emotional high. While the rest of us can't wait to put our plates down and get on with other things, you can't wait to be done with everything else so you can pick up a plate. You also eat when highly emotional such as after a breakup, or after getting fantastic news.


3. Gemini - Nicotine

Because of those deep emotions you feel within, you need to take some time to relax. That is why you are fond of cigarettes and smoking devices. When smoking, you can still your mind and relax.

4. Cancer - Painkillers

You feel deeply, and you need to calm yourself down. Unfortunately, your first option is not to use natural relaxation methods, but to take some painkillers. You should try to find something more natural though, these things can be dangerous.


5. Leo - Shopping

You are full of pride, and that's no lie. You like the finer things in life and being the center of attention. That means showing off your extravagance and buying things that make you stand out. You have to impress. And that means shopping for expensive things to make this happen.

6. Virgo - Bad Relationships

You are very selfless, and that's admirable. But you are a terrible judge of character and have a problem letting go. For this reason, you attract bad people into your life and end up in the wrong relationships regularly.


7. Libra - Social Media

Granted, most people could use a little less social media, but Libras need all the help they can get. Being a social person means you always want to stay updated on what's going on with those you know. That is why you are often on your phone reading posts, uploading pictures, and chatting with people.

8. Scorpio - Intimacy

Sex and love are very important to you, and you make them a priority in your life. That is why you can spend your day obsessing over how to bring more sensuality into your life. If unchecked, things can get out of hand.


9. Sagittarius - Adventure

Your biggest worry is what your next adventure will be. Your list of places you should visit never ends, and you are always up for spontaneous plans to visit new places.

10. Capricorn - Work

Most people cannot wait to get off work. But not you. You want to work harder and harder so you can achieve your goals. Work also gives you a sense of purpose, and this can make you lose focus on other important things in your life.


11. Aquarius - Video Games And Books

You live in a fantasy world. That is why you get lost in books and video games so easily. But by being so engrossed with make-believe stories you find in these books and games, you can lose touch with reality.

12. Pisces - Romance

Your heart is always out in the open, and that also means you can easily get hurt. Romance comes easily to you, and you try to express your emotions in all possible ways.


So, you think we have you figured out as far as your addiction goes?