What Types Of Guys Should You Avoid Marrying?

What Types Of Guys Should You Avoid Marrying?

When it comes to love, some women have a firm idea of the kind of man they want to meet and marry. Others are unsure and tend to test the water with different types of men before deciding.

The definition of the perfect man to marry can vary from one person to another. However, there are some types you should definitely avoid marrying no matter what your taste or preference.

In this article, we will look at the types of guys you should avoid marrying. Chances are your life will be better if you avoid these types!


What Are The Types To Avoid?

You can't help who you fall in love with. This is something that we all know. However, when it comes to marriage material, there are certain types you really need to avoid. This includes:

A Man Who Sees You As An Object

Some men see women as nothing more than objects. This could be as an ornament on their arm when they go out or a sexual plaything.


If this is how a man treats you or makes you feel, he is not the right one for marriage. In fact, he is probably not the right one to be involved with at all.

A Man Who Prioritizes Himself

Some men always put their partner first, and this is very appealing in a man. However, others are the complete opposite, and they think the only person that matters is them.


If you are with a man who always prioritizes himself no matter what, he is not marrying material. This shows that he is selfish and self-obsessed, so he is not a man to spend the rest of your life with.

A Man Who Only Cares About Material Things

Some men are very spiritual and care about things on a deep level. Then some are only interested in the material things in life.


When you are with the latter, chances are you are with a man who is very selfish and greedy. This will not make for a fulfilling marriage over the long term.

A Man Who Is More Interested In Partying

Being married is all about spending quality time together and being a team of two. However, some men want all the perks without the commitment.


If you are with a man who prefers to go out with friends and party rather than be with you, cross marriage off your list. This shows he is still immature and is not ready to commit and settle down no matter what he says.

A Man Who Tries To Control You

One of the worst types of men you can end up with is someone who tries to control you. Some men will try to take over your life once he puts a ring on your finger.


If you are with someone who is already showing signs of being controlling, don't make things worse by marrying him. This is likely to become a toxic relationship.

Wait For The Right Man

You should never rush into marriage, particularly with someone you should avoid marrying. Instead, enjoy life and wait for the right man to come into your life.