What To Text Your Ex-Boyfriend To Make Him Jealous (Without Being Toxic)

Some of the worst breakups are often the result of the best relationships.

The more difficult a breakup is, the more likely you are to find yourself dwelling on your ex-boyfriend, whether you're still in love with him, the breakup was messy, or you need closure. He may continue to occupy your thoughts.

During this critical period, numerous women begin to contemplate how to provoke jealousy in their ex-boyfriends.

If you find yourself in the same situation, we can guide you on the type of things you could say to make your ex-boyfriend jealous, without resorting to pettiness. Unfortunately, too many individuals succumb to playing childish games, which ultimately yield no positive outcomes.

We will demonstrate how to steer clear of immature jealousy games while still having the ability to elicit jealousy from your ex-boyfriend.


Prior to grabbing your phone, you should take some time to concentrate on yourself.

It is important to reach a mental state where you feel serene, composed, and fulfilled (if not joyful yet). The most effective approach to achieve this is by taking measures to demonstrate to yourself that your ex is not necessary for your happiness.

Here are our recommendations on what you should do:

Take baby steps to get better

Immediately following the breakup is when you are likely to feel the most distress. You may experience a period of time where getting out of bed is a challenge, you call in sick to work, and you neglect self-care while seeking refuge under the covers.

Do not be ashamed of this phase. If you require additional time to recuperate, allow yourself the opportunity, but strive to constrain it.

Try telling yourself that you will give yourself a week to feel a little down. Once the week is over, begin taking small steps to motivate yourself and get back on track.

Take a lengthy shower or indulge in a relaxing bath. Practice yoga, which can be done from the comfort of your own home by stretching on your bedroom or living room floor.

Incorporate other fundamental hygiene routines, such as grooming your hair, applying makeup, or tending to your nails. Don attire that instills a sense of beauty and confidence within you.

After you have tidied up a bit, progress to the subsequent stage of your recuperation:

Start doing things that make you feel good

At this stage of your recovery, you will do more than simply shower and groom yourself. You will gradually begin to reintroduce activities that bring you joy into your life again.

Arrange to socialize with your closest friends. Have an exciting night out in the city with the individuals who make you laugh the most.

If you are an artist, immerse yourself back into your creative pursuits. If you are an athlete, hit the ground running and resume practicing your preferred sport.

In essence, allow yourself to embrace life once again. This does not necessarily imply that you should start dating immediately, but rather work your way up to it, until you feel comfortable doing so:

Consider putting yourself out there again

This can be a daunting step, and one that should not be taken lightly.

Do not progress just for the sake of progression, or in an attempt to make your ex envious. You must contemplate whether you are truly prepared to move on from them.

This indicates that you must be capable of going on dates without excessively pondering your ex or bringing them up. You should be able to navigate your daily life without persistently missing them.

Once you reach this stage, then you may consider putting yourself out there in the dating world again. However, take all the time you require to arrive at this point.


Since you're in a better emotional state, you may consider reaching out to your ex via text. However, it's important to avoid engaging in any petty games that may make him miss you even more.

With that in mind, here are some effective ways to make him feel jealous without resorting to petty behavior:

Casually let him know you're doing well

If you happen to be in conversation already, it's not necessary to go out of your way to do this, but it's okay to casually mention that you're doing well. You can share your plans, express positive feelings (even if they're not entirely genuine), and convey your enthusiasm for the future.

The saying "success is the best revenge" may be familiar to you, and we believe it can be applied in this situation. The best aspect of this approach is that it's entirely non-harmful.

There's no need for any petty games, simply inform him that you're doing well.

Regardless, he may experience jealousy since you won't appear to be upset about losing him. He'll realize that you didn't rely on him from the start, which can be even more difficult if he's privately yearning for you.

Here's an example: "I have plans for this weekend and I'm really looking forward to them!"

Talk about anything except your feelings for him

This suggestion may seem strange, but trust us on this. Regardless of what you may be thinking and feeling, refrain from discussing how he's still on your mind or your current sentiments towards him.

Whenever he sends you a text or vice versa, allow the conversation to unfold naturally, but avoid disclosing your emotions.

As the conversation continues, he may begin to question whether you're thinking about him or if you've moved on entirely. If he sees that you appear content without him, he may become intrigued by you once more and consider attempting to win you back.

Make it all about him…sort of

During your conversation with your ex-boyfriend, direct the discussion towards him. Inquire about his well-being, current activities, and emotions, rather than focusing on yourself.

Besides allowing you to gather information about his current activities, he may also become intrigued by you during the conversation. He may find himself reciprocating and asking you questions in return.

If you're eager to subtly make him jealous by mentioning that you're seeing someone else, having a conversation centered around him is the most natural and mature approach to do so. If he inquires about what you're up to, you could briefly mention that you have a date planned for the weekend, but refrain from giving him too many details.

An example of how to center the conversation on him could be: "Hi, his name. How have you been?"

Don't text him

Although it may seem like cheating to include this option in the guide, sometimes the best course of action is to simply do nothing at all.

Even if you're still completely infatuated with him and are constantly checking his Facebook profile, he would have no clue if you don't reach out to him. By refraining from texting him, he may assume that you're occupied with other activities and not thinking about him.

As a result, he may begin to speculate about what's happening in your life and why you're not trying to hold onto him. His mind may wander, and all of this will occur without any effort on your part.

Furthermore, this approach eliminates the chance of making yourself appear undesirable. You won't come across as desperate or attempting to seek his attention, which could damage your image.

Among all the options provided in this guide, this one has the least amount of risk involved.


Throughout this guide, we've emphasized the importance of avoiding immature games. To provide you with greater clarity on what you should avoid, we will describe some of the most common games that women who are heartbroken tend to play.

By refraining from these behaviors, you'll emerge from this situation as the strong and independent woman that you are:

Telling him you've found someone else

Regardless of whether it's accurate or not, there's no need to provide him with information that he doesn't require.

If you require further persuasion on this topic, consider how you would feel if the roles were reversed and he continuously messaged you about how fantastic things were going with his new partner.

It's highly likely that you would feel irritated, and you may begin to question whether he's truly moved on. If he had any intention of rekindling a relationship with you, he likely destroyed that chance by repeatedly informing you how he had no difficulty finding new partners soon after your breakup.

Likewise, he will feel the same way if you attempt to persuade him that you have replaced him.

If the topic arises organically, such as him inquiring about your weekend and you mentioning that you went on a date, that's a different matter entirely. It's acceptable to discuss it as part of the natural course of the conversation.

The distinction here is that you're not attempting to raise the issue out of nowhere solely to make him envious.

Sending him selfies of you looking your best

When you're in a relationship, sending a selfie is rarely a bad idea. It's a simple way to ensure that someone is thinking of you.

However, after a breakup, sending a selfie to your ex-boyfriend is a major mistake. If you've undergone a "glow-up" afterwards to improve your self-esteem, you may be particularly tempted to do this to show him what he's missing.

This approach is not recommended as it can be seen as manipulative and insincere. It's better to focus on healing and moving on, rather than trying to make your ex regret leaving you. Sending a selfie or any other communication with the intention of making him jealous or regretful can come across as petty and immature. It's best to focus on your own well-being and let things unfold naturally.

If you are truly feeling the absence of your ex-boyfriend, consider looking at our guide on what to text him when you miss him instead of sending him a selfie.

Sending him pictures of you with someone else

This pertains only to the act of sending him a selfie, but the severity of the situation is far greater than we initially anticipated, warranting a separate segment.

A person we are acquainted with received an unexpected photo of her ex with another woman long after their breakup. She chuckled, blocked her ex, and proceeded to go out with her present boyfriend.

If your intention is to make him envious by sending him a photo of yourself with another man, think again. It may communicate to him that you are still preoccupied with him, even though he may have already moved on.

You shouldn't have to endure such humiliation, and you deserve to be treated better.

Even if you are currently in the company of another man, try to focus on him rather than your ex. Allow yourself to relish the present moment and the pleasure of your current partner, instead of getting caught up in past memories.

Chasing after someone he knows well

We have observed that when women aim to incite jealousy in their ex, they often resort to pursuing someone he is familiar with, such as his friends, colleagues, or even a family member.

The idea behind this approach is that your ex will witness your happiness with someone he knows, and it will provoke feelings of envy. Your thriving relationship with this person, who was already a part of his life, will serve as a constant reminder of his loss, and he will have no choice but to acknowledge it.

While it may sound tempting, it's best to avoid it. Engaging in such behavior is unnecessarily petty, and it inevitably leads to some level of connection with your ex, no matter how distant.

If you choose to pursue someone he's connected to, you'll be setting yourself up to see him with someone else as well. Just as he'll see you with someone new, you'll also inevitably witness him with someone else.

It's great if you naturally develop feelings for someone within his social circle. However, it may be wise to have an open and honest discussion with both that person and your ex to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the situation.