What To Text Back When A Guy Calls You Cute (That Keeps Him Hooked)

‘sorry, I’m So Bad At Texting,’ Says Friend Who Is Actually Bad At Friendship

Reading a simple compliment can be surprisingly difficult.

Being called "cute" by a guy can have various interpretations.

The meaning of "cute" from a guy can be unclear: is it just a compliment, a hidden crush, or insignificant?

Deciding how to respond to a "cute" compliment from a guy can raise questions like: is it a genuine compliment, a sign of a crush, or meaningless?

We'll simplify the situation for you and provide suggestions for responding, regardless of your emotions.

But first, let's address some other potential questions.


Many women view being called "cute" as an unsatisfactory compliment, preferring to be called "sexy," "beautiful," or more mature terms instead.

We disagree. For some shy guys, "cute" is a stepping-stone compliment.

It can be a way for him to gauge your response and test the waters. Additionally, it can be a comprehensive compliment.

Being called "cute" can indicate that he finds you charming, lively, enjoyable, or likes your company - or all of the above. These are all positive traits.

Remember, just because he calls you "cute," it doesn't mean he doesn't find you beautiful or sexy too. You can embody all those traits.


Also consider the type of relationship you have, as the interpretation of this simple compliment can vary in different contexts.

For example, if it's from a guy you're just friends with, it could signal that he sees you as more than a friend.

If it's from a guy you've been dating or talking to, you can take it as a straightforward compliment, as he's expressing that he finds you charming and attractive.

From a guy you just met, it's a way to gauge your interest. He's showing interest without being overly vulnerable.


Thank him for the compliment

You'd thank anyone for a compliment, so there's no reason not to do the same here. By thanking him, he'll see that you appreciate his efforts to make you feel good.

This is especially true for shy guys. If he's reserved, he likely built up the courage to give you this seemingly minor compliment.

Regardless of the situation, thanking him could encourage him to compliment you again, if that's your desire.

If you like him, add some extra to your "thank you" text to avoid it sounding cold or dull. Use an emoji or add an expression like "aw!" to show your appreciation.

If you're not interested, just reply with a polite "thank you" and don't say more. There's no need to be rude unless he's ignored previous hints.


"Thank you! You're so kind. <3" or "Thanks!" (Less enthusiastic, signals disinterest in future flirting if you're not interested.)

Compliment him in return

Flip the compliment back by complimenting him, ideal if you have a crush on him.

"You're sweet too! I really like [insert specific thing you like about him]."

"Flip it back on him by complimenting him. It's a great option if you have a crush on him. He initiated the compliment, so returning one won't make you look desperate or fake."


"You're cute too!" or "Thanks, you're charming."

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Let him know how it made you feel

Encouraging him can be achieved by expressing how his actions made you feel positive. A small compliment will signal to him that it's okay to continue communicating in this manner.

If he realizes his compliments bring a positive reaction from you, he may make it a habit. Knowing he elicits a blush from you could make it difficult for him to resist continuing this behavior.

Alternatively, you can politely express that the compliments are not appreciated, especially if it's the first time. A gentle approach is recommended in this situation.


"Your compliment is making me feel embarrassed." or "I appreciate the compliment, but I'm not comfortable with it."

Ignore it

Avoiding the situation should only be considered as a last resort, specifically for someone who persistently hits on you despite being informed of your lack of interest.

For those who don't understand your indirect hints, there are two approaches. The first is to not respond to their messages.

This approach is more direct and may be necessary in certain situations. The goal is for the person to understand the message clearly.

The second option is to continue the conversation as if the compliment was not mentioned, which is a gentler approach. This allows the person to maintain their dignity by following the conversation's flow.

The approach to take depends on whether you want to maintain a relationship with the person.

If they are a valued friend, it may be best to choose the more gentle approach.

If it's someone you recently met who won't stop flirting, it may be appropriate to take the more direct approach.


There are also certain actions to avoid in response to being called cute.

Avoid these three common reactions for a positive outcome:

Deny it or be self-deprecating

Avoid denying compliments as a way to appear modest or due to low self-esteem.

This is because it may be perceived as insincere and seeking additional compliments.

If low self-esteem is the issue, remember that his perception of you as cute doesn't have to align with your own. He sees you through different eyes and evidently finds you attractive.

Get cocky about it

Avoid being overly self-critical. Instead of denying the compliment or questioning its validity, embrace it and act as if it's natural for him to find you attractive.

Avoid being self-absorbed by acknowledging the compliment without expressing gratitude, such as saying "I know." This can come across as obnoxious when first getting to know someone, even if it may be humorous in the future.

Confidence is encouraged, but avoid being cocky. Being confident is different from being arrogant, and remember that it may have taken courage for him to compliment you.

Responding with "Tell me something I don't know" can scare off a shy guy.

Take it too seriously

He complimented you by saying you're cute, which is positive.

Don't overinterpret the compliment, it doesn't mean he's deeply in love with you.

Avoid overreacting to his compliment and making it seem like you have strong feelings for him too soon.

Being excited is normal when receiving a compliment, but keep in mind that it doesn't mean it's the time to express strong feelings.

Celebrate his compliment, but don't overreact. You're amazing, keep being yourself.


Texting guys can be challenging because words can have multiple meanings.

It's possible to build attraction and interest through text, but making someone fall in love requires more than just texting. A deeper connection and interaction in person is usually necessary.

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