What To Text Back When A Guy Calls You Beautiful

Every girl hopes for her significant other to express to her that she is gorgeous.

However, not everyone considers the subsequent steps. Thus, when a male conveys to you via text message that you are beautiful, what is the appropriate response?

It is likely that you will respond with a text message, but what should your message contain? The possibilities for the direction of the subsequent conversation are endless.

Don't worry, you have come to the right place for assistance. We will guide you in determining the appropriate response when a male refers to you as beautiful in a text message.


Initially, let us examine the context of the situation.

Context is crucial in this scenario. Based on your circumstances, the meaning of this single word can vary greatly, all dependent on your relationship with him.

Is he a stranger you recently encountered at a bar or social gathering? If he's making this statement so early on, it could indicate a genuine compliment, or it could also indicate that he is attempting to flirt with you.

What if he was someone you previously considered to be solely a friend? In this case, his declaration that he perceives you as beautiful might indicate that he has developed romantic feelings towards you.

If he is a male you have been dating or seeing romantically, then it is a very positive indication, as it shows that he is physically attracted to you.

"Beautiful" encompasses much more than just physical appearance. A male who has known you for a prolonged period of time could easily be conveying to you that he considers you to be both physically and internally beautiful.


Return the favor

If he is a male that you have romantic interests in, his compliment presents a prime opportunity for flirting with him. We suggest taking advantage of this opportunity.

Return the compliment by complimenting him in return. This will communicate to all but the most unaware males that your interest in him is reciprocated.

As an endearing added benefit, you could bring a blush or smile to his cheeks. Even if he doesn't react in this manner, he will be aware that he can continue to engage with you in the future.

Example: "Thank you! You are quite handsome yourself. 😉 " (The winking emoji conveys that you are flirting with him and not simply offering a conventional compliment.)

Sending playful text messages occasionally is an excellent way to ensure that you are always at the forefront of his thoughts. If you are unsure of what else to say, you can consider utilizing relationship expert Amy North's "Text Chemistry" program for additional guidance and techniques that will make him irresistible to you.

Show him your gratitude

Here's a simple option: express gratitude for his effort to make you feel positive with his compliment. Show appreciation for his kind words.

However, it's worth noting that simply saying "thank you" can come across as aloof and detached. Add a friendly emoji or exclamation mark to show that you are not simply disregarding him.

On the other hand, if you suspect he's just playing games or if you do not have romantic feelings for him, a simple and reserved "thank you" would be appropriate in that scenario.

Examples: "Thank you." (Less friendly, does not encourage further communication from him.) Or "Thank you so much! <3" (Warmer and more welcoming, allows for the possibility of further interaction.)

Describe your reaction to him

The idea of "show, don't tell" is a concept often heard in storytelling, where the audience experiences the emotions or events directly, rather than having them described to them. This applies to everyday life as well, particularly when giving gifts or doing something for someone. We want to see their reaction and how they respond.

When we see the smile or excitement on someone's face after we've done something for them, it can bring us even greater satisfaction than a simple "thank you." You can bring the same joy to the person who complimented you by letting them know that their words made you blush or smile.

For a more romantic touch, consider letting him know that his compliment made your heart skip a beat.

When he realizes the impact his compliments have on you, he'll likely keep showering you with compliments more frequently.

Examples: "Your compliment has put a huge grin on my face! :)" or "You just made my heart flutter, thank you so much."

Let him know (nicely) when it's not appropriate

This strategy is ideal for when a man who you don't have romantic feelings for compliments you on your appearance. For instance, if he's just a friend or a colleague, this approach would be suitable.

In these scenarios, it's best to communicate that the compliment is not appreciated in a respectful and gentle manner. You can simply let him know that you do not feel comfortable with it.

By doing so, the uncertainty about your feelings will be eliminated and, if he is a responsible individual, he will comprehend the message and put an end to the bothersome attention.

Example: "I am grateful for the compliments, however, I don't feel at ease with accepting them." Or "I thank you, however, I believe it would be best if we refrain from this type of conversation."

Don't acknowledge it at all

At times, a man may muster the bravery to compliment you, but it may not hit the right chord. This person could be someone you simply want to maintain a friendly relationship with, or someone you interact with on a daily basis, like a colleague or an acquaintance of a friend.

In such circumstances, it is not advisable to be rude to him. He could have misinterpreted your signals, or he may have simply been taking a risk.

If you desire to provide him with the gentlest indication that you are not interested in receiving compliments of that nature, simply ignore it. Continue your conversation with him as if he hadn't just complimented you.

By doing so, it gives him the chance to carry on with the conversation and move past it. This approach avoids causing him any embarrassment.

Of course, this technique is more effective with someone who is skilled at interpreting hints. However, if the individual is less confident, they may not understand and you may need to be more straightforward with them.

Ignore his text completely

Have you turned down this man in the past? Have you already communicated to him that you are not attracted to him, but he persists despite your rejection?

In that case, when you receive a message from him complimenting your appearance, you may choose to not respond to it. While in films it may seem romantic, in reality, it can be bothersome or even disturbing.

If he persists, it might be necessary to block him to avoid receiving further unsolicited messages from him.

here's what to avoid doing when he calls you beautiful

Disagree with him

We understand the feeling of lacking confidence. In the dating arena, it is common to feel overlooked or undesirable, particularly when comparing oneself to other women who seem to have everything.

Even if you genuinely feel this way, expressing that you do not consider yourself to be beautiful in response can give the impression that you are inviting him to continue complimenting you. This should be avoided, even if the intention is to appear humble.

The most elegant and modest approach in this situation is to gracefully accept the compliment and move forward.

Regarding your self-doubt, let us assure you that if you are questioning his compliments due to feelings of insecurity, it is important to remember that he is the one who determines who he finds attractive. And he has just conveyed to you that he finds you beautiful.

Regardless of how we perceive ourselves, there will always be someone who considers us to be beautiful.

Let it get to your head

This statement can have various interpretations, so let's begin by discussing the first option.

Firstly, do not allow his compliment to give you an inflated ego. Responding with an arrogant remark like, "I was already aware of that," will likely discourage him.

This is particularly true if he is the type of individual who mustered the bravery to compliment you in the first place. Such arrogance will only push him further away.

Secondly, do not misinterpret his compliment as a secret declaration of love. Although there is always a chance that he may have deeper emotions for you, jumping to this conclusion without clear evidence will not lead to any positive outcomes.

He will reveal his feelings for you when the moment is appropriate. In the meantime, accept the compliment for what it is and continue to get to know him better.