What To Text A Guy Who Is Playing Games (To Put That Player On Pause)

One would assume dating to be straightforward: encounter someone, establish mutual attraction, and commence dating.

Seems simple enough, doesn't it?

Life can be challenging, and dating is no exception. There are often unexpected obstacles, such as men who unintentionally play games, making the dating world unpredictable.

How can one stop a guy from playing games? In this article, we provide guidance on the text messages to send to a man who is playing games, helping to simplify your dating experience.


It turns out that men also enjoy playing games other than video games.

Here are some of the most common mental and emotional games men play:

Dodging serious relationship discussions

Avoidance tactics are acceptable in dodgeball, but not in relationships. Look out for instances where your partner avoids discussing serious relationship matters.

They may give excuses such as opposing the idea of defining the relationship, being unprepared for commitment, wishing to proceed gradually, or avoiding the topic altogether.

It's understandable for him to use these excuses if you are pushing for a commitment too soon, or if you both prefer a casual relationship. A strong connection can be enjoyed without formalizing the relationship, and sometimes patience is necessary.

However, if you have been seeing this guy for several months and are ready to advance the relationship, these excuses become a significant issue.

Yo-yoing in and out of your life

If you've ever seen a yo-yo move up and down, you understand what we're referring to.

This behavior is characterized by a man who is present and responsive for a time, answering your messages, contacting you, arranging plans, and even sharing memes with you, but then suddenly disappears.

Just when you've started to move on, he reappears and becomes attentive once more.

This back-and-forth behavior can cause emotional turbulence, and if you had a strong connection with him, it will be difficult to let him go when he returns.

Hiding you from his friends and family

Dating can sometimes feel like a covert operation.

You may frequently see him, with texts constantly being exchanged between you, day and night.

Despite the amount of time spent together, you are not familiar with his friends and family, as he makes plans with them but never includes you.

You have a sense of being on a confidential assignment and it's surprisingly isolating. This is a concern, as if he truly had affection for you, he would introduce you to his close friends once the relationship became serious.

At its best, he may just be cautious about advancing the relationship. However, at its worst, it could indicate that you are his secondary partner.

Shooting you down with backhanded compliments

"Negging" is a harmful trend in the dating scene, characterized by delivering compliments with a negative connotation.

The goal of "negging" is to disguise insults as compliments, causing the recipient to feel insecure and dependent on the person delivering the insult.

For example, someone practicing "negging" may say, "You look better with makeup on."

A "negging" comment could be, "Your makeup skills are impressive, but you don't look as good without it."

"Negging" behavior can be a significant warning sign, especially if it is persistent. However, it is also possible that the person is not socially skilled and may not realize their words are hurtful.

Hard to get: the men's edition

"Playing hard to get" is a well-known and often effective strategy.

Sometimes, men also employ this tactic by making the other person initiate contact and plan activities, only to become more responsive once communication or a date has been established.

The interaction or date is successful.

This behavior could indicate various intentions. It may be a genuine attempt to "play hard to get" out of genuine interest and a desire not to intimidate the other person.

On the other hand, it could indicate a lack of interest and effort. If this is a recurring pattern, it is advisable to evaluate the situation and determine if the person ever makes an effort to initiate communication.

Hot and cold

This behavior resembles both "playing hard to get" and a form of emotional manipulation known as "yo-yoing."

The distinction is that the person remains present, but alternates between enthusiastic and distant behavior.

The behavior can be inconsistent, one day the person may be flirting intensely and creating a strong connection, while the next day they may be distant, providing minimal or unenthusiastic responses.

This behavior could indicate that the person is overwhelmed by the connection and fearful of committing to it.

It could also mean the person is having second thoughts about the relationship.

Becoming a ghost

Another common occurrence is "ghosting."

With "ghosting," you were interacting with someone, potentially even going on dates, and everything seemed positive.

Then suddenly, all communication from him ceases. No more text messages, calls, or dates, just complete and utter silence.

Unlike with "yo-yoing," the person does not attempt to re-enter your life, they have vanished entirely.

The motives behind "ghosting" can vary, it could be due to loss of interest, finding another person, or feeling overwhelmed by the expectations placed on them.

Unfortunately, sometimes our actions can push someone we are interested in away. However, there are ways to reduce this risk, such as having effective communication strategies, especially when it comes to texting.

If you're looking for ways to improve your texting skills, consider checking out the "Text Chemistry" program by romance expert Amy North. It provides helpful tips and text templates to keep any guy engaged and prevent them from "ghosting."


Prepare for some tough news: if a guy is playing these types of games with you, there may not be many favorable options available to you.

Keep in mind, occasional playful flirtation can be enjoyable, but repeatedly toying with your emotions in this manner is immature. It may be necessary to acknowledge that this person may not be worth your time and attention.

Here are some ways to put a stop to these dating games:

Lay out your feelings

This means having a conversation with him and expressing how his actions are affecting you. It could be particularly effective if he's not aware that his actions are causing confusion and hurt, which could be the case if he's inexperienced or has difficulty navigating social situations.

Instead, approach the conversation calmly and clearly express your feelings in a respectful manner. By doing this, you can hopefully open his eyes to the impact his actions have on you, and encourage him to change his behavior.

If after clearly expressing your feelings, he does not alter his behavior in a way that shows he cares for your emotions, it is clear that he doesn't prioritize your feelings. In such a case, it's best to walk away and not look back.


"Your comment the other day regarding my appearance was hurtful and not kind. It made me feel like you were implying that I'm unattractive, even if that wasn't your intention."

"I've noticed that you've been distant lately, and it's causing me concern. Can you please be transparent with me and let me know what's causing this change in behavior?"

This approach could be effective for any type of game being played.

Tell him up-front what he's doing is wrong

They say honesty is the best policy, and it can be effective in dealing with a guy who you believe may not be aware of his actions or one who needs a reality check.

Staying composed and having a level-headed approach is key in this situation. Being aggressive will only make him defensive and not receptive to your message.

If you're feeling emotional and finding it difficult to remain composed, take some time to calm yourself down. Engage in activities that bring you peace and relaxation, like reading a book, watching a show, listening to music, or taking a walk.


"It's disrespectful to cancel dates, ignore messages, or speak poorly of others. In the future, it's important to be truthful with those you interact with."

"Can you please be open and share your feelings with me? I can't fully understand the situation if you don't communicate clearly."

Best Suited Games: This tool can be used on any game, however, we believe it is most effective on frequently encountered opponents such as ghosting and yo-yoing characters.

Let him go

If you have already communicated your feelings and concerns to him and he has not made any improvements, it may be time to consider leaving the situation.

You have fulfilled your responsibilities, now it is his turn. If he fails to meet you halfway, it suggests that your needs and feelings are not a priority for him.

If he has been avoiding communication or sporadically reappearing in your life, it may be best to move on. Ghosting is often difficult to reverse and may not be worth pursuing.

Suitable games: May work on all games, but particularly effective on ghosting.


Ultimately, men often engage in games when they have doubts about their feelings for someone. However, if he truly loves you, he will stop playing games and try to win you over.

Texting plays a significant role in our daily communication, making it a crucial aspect of winning someone over. If you struggle to have engaging conversations or text in a way that captures his attention, it may affect his level of interest in you.

Not everyone excels at texting, but that's okay. You can improve.

The most effective way to enhance your skills is by seeking advice from experts. For example, we highly recommend taking the Text Chemistry course by relationship coach Amy North.

Text Chemistry was designed to assist women in texting men in a manner that's attractive. Amy North offers templates to help you captivate him and increase his attraction towards you.