What To Text A Guy To Catch His Attention (Without Seeming Clingy)

What's the most effective method for getting a man to become invested in your text messages?

The solution is a message that captures attention. However, composing these kinds of messages can be challenging, especially if writing isn't one of your strengths.

No worries. That's why we're here.

Today, we'll provide you with tips on what to text a man to grab his attention. To guarantee your success, we'll also make sure you're aware of what to avoid.

So make yourself comfortable and keep reading for a wealth of ideas.


When you want to start an intriguing conversation…

You can demonstrate your intellectual side to him by using an unconventional conversation starter. This involves posing deep, unusual questions to him that he may have never encountered before.

In-depth questions can be intriguing, but lighthearted ones may be more appropriate in this situation. Personalize your approach by inquiring about his interests and what he enjoys, including books, films, television programs, or sports.

Another option for intriguing conversation starters is using a hook that will pique his curiosity. This method is highly effective when you have had a unique experience, as it provides you with the chance to share a story with him.

The purpose of this method is straightforward: it highlights your individuality as a woman and keeps your partner engaged and curious.


"Can you share the most frightening experience you've ever had?"

"Would you be willing to spend a night in a supposedly haunted house?"

"Can you tell me about your preferred video games?"

"Which fictional character would you choose to meet, and what is the reason for your choice?"

"Is there any particular historical figure you would like to meet, and why?"

"What are your plans if you were to suddenly win a million dollars tomorrow?"

"Can you suggest a song that you think I would enjoy but may not have come across yet?"

"Can you share the most unusual food you have ever consumed?"

"What is the one show that you would choose to watch repeatedly for the remainder of your life, if you could only select one?"

"Which single food would you choose to eat for the rest of your life, if you were limited to only one option?"

"Are there any destinations on your travel bucket list that you hope to visit in the future?"

"In your opinion, which team holds the title for the most unsuccessful performance in history?"

"I have to share with you the most incredible occurrence that took place in my day today..."

"I encountered the most peculiar sight just now."

"I came across an unbelievable story on my commute to work this morning."

Use these when you want to make him smile…

Incorporate messages like these when you're seeking a warm and cozy atmosphere. Adding a playful spin to them maintains a lighthearted and flirtatious tone in your messages.

This allows you to convey your emotions towards him without overwhelming him too quickly. Essentially, it prevents you from appearing as the overly clingy individual that often causes a great guy to distance himself.


"Houston, we have an issue: I seem to be unable to stop thinking about you."

"Kindly send me an image of yourself. I desire to gaze upon your handsome countenance once more."

"I came across a tune today that brought memories of you to mind. (Followed by sending the link to the song.)"

"I thoroughly enjoyed our last experience together. I am eagerly anticipating our next meeting."

"What do you think about you, me, and a cup of coffee at that quaint café in the downtown area?"

"I overheard some colleagues discussing the most attractive men in the world. However, there was a flaw in their list: it lacked your presence."

"I would certainly prefer to be in your company at this moment."

"It astounds me how much I am already yearning for your presence."

"Hello, gorgeous. 😉 Have you begun to miss me yet?"

"I understand that I shouldn't be texting you during work/school hours, but I believe that the possibility of being with you is worth the risk."

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When you're looking to make him literally laugh out loud…

It is a commonly held belief that the quickest route to a man's heart is through his stomach.

While there may be some truth to the old adage, it is not the only fast track to winning a man's affection. In fact, here's a little-known secret: consistently making him laugh is another effective way to capture his attention and eventually his heart.

Exchanging humorous content such as jokes, videos, or memes with him portrays you as lively and entertaining. This type of communication also adds a touch of lightheartedness and freshness to your conversations.

By bringing laughter into his life, you may become the person he seeks out for comfort and support during difficult times.


Instead, you could try sending him a lighthearted joke or funny meme to bring a smile to his face.

Consider sending him a meme that brings to mind a humorous moment or shared experience between the two of you. This not only shows that you are thinking of him, but it can also spark a playful and entertaining conversation.

Issue a challenge to him to see who can come up with the cheesiest and most cringe-worthy pun.

Dad jokes are known for their corny and bad humor, yet they hold a certain appeal for many individuals. Do some research and send him some of the most eye-roll-inducing dad jokes you can find.

Do you have any saved YouTube videos that never fail to bring a smile to your face? Share one with him and spread some joy.

To make him drool over you…

Incorporating a touch of flirtation never harms. Add a hint of it to your text conversations to remind him of your worth and keep him interested in pursuing you.

What is the benefit for you? It significantly increases his attraction towards you and fuels his desire for you.

To be truthful, using this approach is more likely to capture his attention compared to any other method. However, it's important to exercise caution and avoid overusing this type of messaging.

Excessive use of anything can lead to monotony. If you send overly suggestive messages too frequently, he may start to think that he can have intimate relations with you on demand, which takes away the excitement and challenge of pursuing a relationship.


"I've been daydreaming about you all day today."

"I fear I won't be able to resist touching you the next time we meet."

"Have I mentioned that I sleep in the nude?"

"I am constantly preoccupied with the memory of your kisses."

"You'll definitely have a significant role in my dreams tonight..."

"I fear I may have trouble sleeping tonight with all these thoughts of you occupying my mind..."

"Care to take a guess at what type of undergarments I have on at the moment?"

"I admire the strength and definition in your arms."

Send him a seductive yet appropriate photo of yourself. (Depending on the level of trust in your relationship, you may choose not to send a completely naked photo, but a discreet hint of your cleavage can have a strong impact.)


Having captured his attention, it is important to maintain it. However, his focus is similar to a spotlight and any misstep will be glaringly obvious.

Avoid missteps when you have his attention. These are some common errors that women make when they are smitten, and it is essential to steer clear of them.

Double (or even more) texting

When you have a crush on someone, it's natural to want to maintain communication. If they do not immediately respond, it can be easy to become concerned that your message was not received or that you need to say something else to maintain their interest.

Hold on. Avoid sending more than one or two messages at once.

If you send a barrage of messages, he will perceive you as being impulsive and demanding. Furthermore, it will give the impression that you have no other activities or interests besides talking to him.

One-word messages and answers

We understand: it can be challenging to think of a response. An easy solution is to provide a brief one-word reply such as "okay," "yes," or "no."

Consider it from this perspective: if all you received were these types of messages, you would likely view the person as dull or lacking interest in you. You would not feel motivated to continue putting in effort into the relationship with someone who appears indifferent.

It's a similar situation from his perspective. Why would he put effort when you are not showing any?

Sticking to basic conversational topics

Those "hey, how are you?" messages can be useful for initiating a conversation, but as you get to know each other better, aim to come up with more creative ways to start a conversation. When you are already talking, you should be able to expand the conversation and find more to talk about.

Once the conversation has started, try to steer away from mundane and unengaging questions and answers like "hey, how are you?" Instead, aim to have a more interesting and interactive dialogue as you should know each other well enough to come up with more captivating topics.

Sending him pages of text

Try to keep the responses concise and focused on the subject at hand, unless the conversation requires more detailed answers. This makes the messages more manageable to read on a compact mobile device.

Additionally, being overly verbose can come across as tedious. Receiving lengthy messages repeatedly from a man could quickly cause boredom.

Most likely, if he receives long-winded messages, he won't even bother reading it all. At the worst, it could push him away entirely.

Asking him why he isn't answering you or expecting him to respond right away

It's normal to feel a bit anxious when you don't receive an immediate response from the person you are seeing. Being self-aware while dating is a common experience.

But avoid letting your insecurity affect your exchanges and refrain from inquiring about the reason for his delayed response. Don't make any demands for justification.

It's understandable to feel nervous when you're waiting for a response from him. However, don't let this insecurity show in your conversations by constantly asking why he's not answering. Avoid making demands for explanations from him, as he may just be busy or trying to play it cool to avoid appearing overly attached.

It's best to grant him the freedom and give him the opportunity to respond when he is ready.

Answering instantly

If you respond to his texts within seconds every time, it sends the message that you are overly eager and constantly available.

By responding to his texts instantly, you are conveying the message that you are readily available and willing to abandon your current tasks for him. This could quickly become boring for him as he may feel that your affection is easily attainable.

It may be a good idea to step back and take some time for yourself or attend to other tasks before responding to his texts. This will show him that you have a life outside of the conversation and are not solely focused on him.

These breaks communicate a captivating message: that he needs to make an effort to maintain your interest.