What To Text A Guy Before The First Date (That Will Make You Irresistible)

The lead-up to the first date can often be filled with stress and anxiety.

It's evident that he was drawn to you, as he asked to go on a date with you. However, the wait for the actual date can become tedious as you eagerly await your next conversation with him.

When there's strong chemistry between two individuals, one may desire to maintain that spark through texting. However, it's important to be cautious and not overwhelm the other person, as that could potentially drive them away.

Therefore, if you're uncertain about what to send a man prior to your first date, allow us to assist you.

It's crucial to establish some guidelines for texting before the first date.


Slow down on the texting

Some people may advise against texting the man prior to the date, but we don't believe that's necessary to the extent of complete avoidance.

Continuing the conversation with him is fine, but it may be wise to dial back the frequency of your messages. Avoid texting him excessively every hour.

Our suggestion would be to limit texting to a few times daily. This demonstrates your ongoing interest, leaves some topics for discussion during the date, and avoids giving off a needy or clingy impression.

But don't drop off the face of the earth, either

While it's important to reduce the frequency of texting, it's not advisable to suddenly vanish altogether.

By disappearing without explanation, you run the risk of leaving him uncertain about the status of the date and whether or not you plan to show up. This can create feelings of anxiety and insecurity, which are not ideal to experience before a first date.

Think about what you want…and text accordingly

Clarifying the direction you envision for the relationship can assist in determining the appropriate tone for your texts.

When aiming for a relationship with long-term potential, it's best to steer clear of explicit or sexually charged conversations. This could lead him to misunderstand your intentions, perceiving you as only seeking a physical encounter and that the upcoming date is merely a means to that end.

On the other hand, if your intention is simply a casual and short-term arrangement, you are free to pursue that. Clearly expressing this through flirtatious texts prior to the date will ensure that both parties have a mutual understanding.


Basic pre-date confirmation

A simple way to maintain your composure and alleviate any pre-date jitters is to send a brief text message confirming the logistics of the date.

This shows that you are responsible and attentive, giving off a confident and non-threatening impression. Additionally, if there have been any changes or unforeseen circumstances that he has yet to inform you about, this could prevent you from incurring any wasted time or effort.


"Is our date tomorrow still confirmed?"

Hammer out the details

This approach serves a similar purpose as confirming the details, however, it also provides him with the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments or indicate his preferences.

This approach showcases your manners and consideration, both of which are attractive traits to possess.


"Is our meeting place at the bar on the corner?"

"What is the most convenient time/day for you?"

Relieve the tension with a little humor

Incorporating humor is a tried and true way to bring a smile to the face of even the most nervous individuals. It's a widely used technique for reducing stress and can also be employed prior to a date as a way to relieve any pre-date tension.

Moreover, having a good sense of humor is often considered a desirable quality in a woman by many men. By incorporating humor, you demonstrate your relaxed and approachable personality and show that you are invested in putting a smile on his face.


Forward him a humorous meme or a comical video that you believe will bring a smile to his face.

Craft a delightfully corny joke.

Go along with his lead

One of the easiest things you can do is match his vibe. If he initiates the text conversation before the date, simply adapt to it.

The biggest benefit of this is that you won't have to speculate or assess his mood. You'll have the opportunity to observe and understand his tone through the messages he sends you.

Feel free to establish your own limits, especially if he is consistently sending you an excessive amount of text messages.


React appropriately to his statements by posing questions that encourage a continued exchange of dialogue.

Right before the date, let him know you're still planning on being there

This approach resembles verifying information or making arrangements. However, the crucial point is to send the text on the day of the date, ideally a few hours before.

It is relaxed and perfectly acceptable. Furthermore, it demonstrates your dependability and reassures him that he doesn't need to worry about you not appearing.

As an added benefit, you're likely to receive a reply from him indicating that he is also on his way or preparing. This can alleviate any anxiety you may have had about being the one left waiting.


"I am on the move."

"I'll arrive in twenty minutes."

"I'll rendezvous with you near the main entrance at approximately 6:45."

Pump up his excitement with a flirty text

You have observed it happening everywhere else: in films, books, TV shows, and so on. There is always some form of promotion or buildup that creates anticipation before its launch.

There is no harm in adopting a similar principle in your romantic life. By adding a touch of playful teasing, you can generate excitement in your partner, inspiring him to put his best foot forward for the date.

Dispatch flirtatious messages that demonstrate your eagerness to see him… and how thrilled he should be to see you as well.

However, it's important to maintain a balance. The date has already been arranged, so there's no need to go overboard with these texts and risk scaring him off.

A word of warning: Avoid being overly sentimental as well. Sending him poetry or doing something similarly extreme before you've even gone on your first date could give off a creepy impression.


"I'm eagerly anticipating our meeting!"

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Tell him well in advance if you need to reschedule

Occasionally, unexpected events arise. Life is not always accommodating, correct?

If you have a scheduled date and something arises, it's essential to inform him promptly. It's not going to reflect positively, but promptly communicating with him demonstrates your consideration.

Express empathy. You can even use this opportunity to make a positive impression by taking the initiative to arrange a different date and time.

If he is a worthwhile person, he will be understanding when it's evident that you're not simply canceling on him. And if he's not being understanding, it's likely a sign that it's better that the date couldn't take place.


"Unfortunately, an emergency has arisen on that day. My apologies! Would you be open to rescheduling?"

"I'll have to defer our date - please don't interpret it as me backing out. Would another time next week be possible for you?"