What To Text A Guy Before Bed (To Make Him Want You)

Frequently, individuals lead busy lives throughout the day.

If the man you're interested in has a busy schedule with work, school, or other activities, he may not have much time to text during the day. Therefore, it can be a clever strategy to text him right before bed.

By texting him before bed, you'll be on his mind at an opportune moment. If you handle the situation well, you may cause him to toss and turn all night, unable to get you out of his head.

However, the question remains: what should you text a guy before bed? We'll provide you with a plethora of examples that you are free to use.

As with any other instance of texting him, it's advisable to establish some guidelines for yourself.


Consider where you are in the relationship

The question "What are we?" has been a common theme in memes and social media for years. However, it's a legitimate inquiry to make, except in this scenario, you should be directing it towards yourself.

Assess your relationship as truthfully as you can, and contemplate which stage you're currently in.

If you're seeking something casual or have just begun talking to him, avoid excessively romantic texts; otherwise, you may spoil the mood.

If you're at a stage where you're texting each other frequently and can't stop thinking about one another, then feel free to send that sentimental message expressing how much you adore him.

Suppose you're in a position somewhere between casual and infatuated. In that case, we suggest striving for a happy medium that's playful and lighthearted, without venturing into overly emotional and intense territory.

Determine where you want the relationship to go

Your current position may not be where you aspire to be in the future.

You may have only recently started conversing with him but have aspirations for a more significant commitment. In such cases, contemplate using a flirtatious tone to demonstrate your interest in him, while avoiding getting too sexual frequently; otherwise, he may assume that's all you want.

If you're striving for a more casual connection, then don't hold back on the sensual talk. It can assist in ensuring he comprehends your intentions clearly.


Use these options when you're aiming for cute and sweet

You can employ this strategy when you desire a romantic relationship with him.

Messages that are brimming with sweetness, enough to give you a toothache, are sure to make him smile. However, like with all sugary treats, use this kind of text sparingly.

Sending him an excessive amount of messages like this too early may cause a sweet connection to deteriorate quickly. Unless you're confident that he's equally invested, it's advisable to exercise some restraint.


"Good night! Looking forward to chatting with you tomorrow."

"I wish I could be cuddling up with you right now."

"Maybe I'll be fortunate enough to see you in my dreams tonight."

"Send me a picture of you - I'd love to see your handsome face before I drift off to sleep."

"I'm eagerly awaiting the day when I can fall asleep and wake up next to you."

"Your chest would be the comfiest pillow I could ever ask for."

"I can't believe how much I'm yearning for you right now."

"Your arms would be warmer than any blanket I own."

Choose these texts when you want to be cool and casual

If you've only recently started talking to him, you might not be completely certain which direction to steer the late-night conversation, and that's perfectly fine!

Our suggestion is to keep things straightforward. You don't have to feel like you need to send him a complex goodnight message at this stage.

Stick to the essentials. This way, you'll avoid coming off as overly clingy, which is known to be detrimental to relationships, while still conveying that you're thinking of him.


"Have a good night. We'll speak again shortly."

"Good night! I hope you had a wonderful day."

"Shall we speak tomorrow?"

"Have a restful sleep."

"Wishing you a good night's sleep. May you rest well."

Try out some of these when you want to be flirty and playful

"What are your plans for the rest of the day/evening?" or "How has your day been so far?" could be good options to continue the conversation without coming off as too casual or too romantic.

Navigating that phase can be challenging. It's best to aim for a tone that's subtly playful or flirtatious, without crossing the line into being overly sexual or cliche.

We suggest playfully teasing or joking around with him at this point. By maintaining a lighthearted and enjoyable conversation, you'll pique his interest even further.


"Would you be open to hearing a cheesy pickup line from me right now?"

Feel free to send him a cheesy pickup line along with your good night wishes.

"Let me think of a cute good night message for you... how about 'Sweet dreams and sleep tight'?"

"Have a good night! I'll try to make time in my busy schedule to chat with you tomorrow. 😉 "

"Hi there, good-looking! Wishing you a restful night's sleep so you wake up looking even more handsome tomorrow."

"I have a quick question for you: does texting you this late count as a midnight snack?"

Tempt him with these options when you're going for sexy and sensual

If you're in a casual arrangement or at a stage in your relationship where you're ready to move towards a more physical level...

You'll want to use texts that ignite passion and heat.

These types of messages can be great for long-distance couples as well. Even if you can't be together in person, you can still make him yearn for you and feel as though you're right there with him.

Incorporate descriptive language to create a sensually suggestive tone that will leave him wanting more. Add some intentional pauses to your sentences to create an alluring sense of mystery that will get his heart racing.


"If we were lying next to each other, do you think you'd be able to sleep?" - Accompanied by a photo of you in bed.

"Sweet dreams! Just wanted to remind you that there are other things that bite besides bed bugs. 😉 "

"I hope you'll be dreaming about me throughout the night..."

"Having you in my bed would make it so much better."

"I'm feeling so energized right now that I can't seem to you have any tips for how I can tire myself out?"

"I wish I had something warmer than this blanket to keep me cozy..."

"Do you think we'd be able to sleep tonight if we were together?"

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Strike up a late night conversation

If you've had a busy day and haven't had a chance to talk to him, one option is to start a conversation with him before bed. It doesn't need to be a lengthy conversation - even a quick check-in to let him know you're thinking of him can be enough.

This is also a great option for couples in a long-distance relationship. Depending on the time difference, the period right before bed might be the ideal time for an uninterrupted conversation.


Inquire about how his day went or how he's feeling.

Send him an irresistible message like, "You won't believe what I saw today!"

Share a meme or joke that makes you think of him.

Don't send him anything at all

If you're feeling anxious and unsure about what to send him, there's always the option of not texting him anything right before bed (although it can be risky).

If you're unsure of what to send him, waiting for him to initiate the conversation might be a good idea, especially if you believe he will text you first. This way, you can respond accordingly and keep the conversation going.

However, it's important to note that this approach also has its risks. If you don't send him a message before bed and wait for him to initiate the conversation, there's a chance he might not text you at all. He might assume that you're not interested in him and may not want to bother you.


Before you even have the chance to send him a goodnight message, he sends you one first.

Congratulations are in order! It's evident that he's thinking of you and values you enough to send you a message before he goes to sleep.

What should be done next?

The answer is not straightforward. You will have to reply to him in a manner that aligns with your objectives and the tone of his message.

Below are some categories based on the type of message he sent you.

If he sent you something cute…

Did he send you something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy? Are you sitting there, smiling at your phone and repeatedly reading his message?

That's fantastic! You now have a clear understanding of his mindset, and it's undoubtedly romantic and sweet.

If you feel the same way, this is the perfect opportunity to respond in a similar manner. When you reply with something adorable, he'll know that his efforts are valued.


"May your dreams tonight be as sweet as you are."

"Aww, you're so adorable, I love it!"

"You're incredibly sweet, I might have to brush my teeth once more!"

For the cool and collected guy…

It is entirely possible that your Romeo did not receive the memo and consequently sent you a text message that may be considered somewhat lackluster.

Alternatively, if he merely sent you a message as basic as a simple "good night," it might be difficult to discern the intended tone. This can cause undue stress, particularly at the start of a relationship, especially when it's close to bedtime.

Firstly, there is no need to be anxious. Remember that he remembered you just before going to sleep.

Next, consider the length of time you've known him.

When you have just begun talking, it is completely reasonable to send a simple message. He may not yet know what else to say to you.

Conversely, if you have already been on a few dates or have been talking for a while, receiving such a message can be quite disappointing. However, avoid being overly critical and instead, send him a playful text teasing him about his message.


"How about putting in a bit more effort next time? :p"

"Is that the best you can do? :|" (Note: Emojis are important here, as the wrong one could convey the wrong message. Sending a flirty emoji could give him the wrong idea and lead to sexting.)

"You too" can work well in keeping it calm and cool, if that's the tone you're aiming for.

Respond with a simple "good night" in kind.

When he's being naughty…

What if he sent you something that's making you blush?

The initial step is to decide whether you are comfortable with that. Consider whether you are prepared to take the relationship in a sexual direction.

If you are, that's great! Respond to him in kind with a spicy text, like a suggestive selfie, to get his heart racing.

Not in the mood? That's perfectly fine as well - simply let him know by responding with something milder, so he understands your message.


A suggestive photo of yourself.

"You'll certainly be in my dreams tonight..."

"Wow... It's getting too hot over here, I might have to sleep without clothes. ;)"

"Why don't you send me a picture and show me what you're talking about?"

"I don't think I'll be able to sleep with my heart racing so fast now..."

"Now you've got me wondering if you taste as good as you look." (This is a great response to a picture if he has sent you one.)

"Good night to you too. Talk to you tomorrow!" (If you're attempting to decrease the sexiness, this message conveys it gently.)

"Good night! I'm feeling a little tired now, but maybe we can resume this conversation another time?"