What To Text A Guy After A First Kiss (Your Total Guide To Post-Kiss Talk)

Are you having difficulty deciding what to message a guy following a first kiss?

It could have been fantastic. Maybe it was like in the films, where time seemed to pause, and there was only you and him.

Or possibly it was exactly the reverse. Perhaps it was one of the most unpleasant kisses you've ever had, causing you to visibly wince every time you recall it.

Regardless of whether the kiss ranks highly on your list or if it was a complete failure, there's another thing to consider: what to say next.

That's where we come in. We'll guide you through the texting realm and create the ideal message.

Let's begin by analyzing your perspective.


The initial thing you need to consider in this situation is the type of relationship you're hoping for.

If you're aiming for a casual relationship, then you should avoid overly sentimental messages. Focus on sending light, playful, and flirtatious texts as much as possible.

On the other hand, those who are seeking a more committed relationship need to exercise a bit more caution. Although using flirtatious and playful texts can definitely grab his attention, it's important not to solely focus on physical aspects or he may believe that's all you're after.

Concurrently, it's important to temper your emotions when it comes to expressing them. Don't go to the extreme and declare him as your soulmate immediately after the first kiss.

If your intention is just to be friends, or you have no desire to see him again, the best approach is to be truthful.


Don't text him too much

No one appreciates having their phone constantly bombarded by someone they barely know. At best, you may come across as an overly enthusiastic puppy.

At worst, it could give off a creepy vibe.

The key, like in many other situations, is moderation. Try not to text him excessively.

If you're unsure of what constitutes "excessive" texting, you can gauge the frequency by observing how often he texts you. Alternatively, a good rule of thumb is to text him just enough to make plans with him in the future.

Keep it cool

This pertains to the emotional aspect. Even if you're already deeply infatuated with him, you don't want to appear obsessed.

It's okay to express some of your feelings to him, just try to keep it a bit more subdued to avoid overwhelming him from the start.


Let him know you're ready for another one

If the kiss was a great success and you're confident in your skills, surprise him with your audacity. Be bold and ask him for another kiss.

This shows him that you're a woman who is assertive and knows what she desires. There's a certain charm in that which is hard to resist.

He'll be left wondering if the sudden temperature increase is due to the weather or because of the intense energy you radiate.


"I enjoyed our kiss last night. I'm eager for the next one. "

"I'm eagerly anticipating our next kiss."

Tease him a little bit

This is the ideal approach when you're definitely interested in pursuing things further, but unsure about his thoughts on the matter.

By playfully teasing him, you're sending a clear indication that you're interested in taking things further, all while keeping the conversation light and enjoyable. This will entice him to respond.


"Is that the best you can do?"

"I think I need a more thorough demonstration of your kissing skills..."

Is love in the air for you? Let him know

If you felt a strong connection during the kiss and believe there could be something more between you, then it's time to take things to the next level.

Instead, opt for a more moderate approach, such as expressing your excitement about getting to know him better. A message like, "I had a great time kissing you, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better," can help get your point across without coming on too strong. Remember, the key here is to be honest while still being mindful of the other person's feelings.

But do let him know that you felt a strong connection during the kiss and are excited to see where things go.


"I've been thinking about that kiss and I think we have a special connection."

"I've had you on my mind since our kiss. Can't wait to see you again."

Get him hooked on you with a little positive reinforcement and compliment him

Compliments are always appreciated, and he's not an exception.

So, if he impressed you with his kissing skills, let him know. Giving him a compliment not only boosts his confidence but also shows your gratitude and helps ease his nerves if he was feeling nervous.

Additionally, the appreciation you show him will keep him intrigued and drawn to you.


"Your kissing skills are truly remarkable!"

"That kiss was undoubtedly among the finest I've ever experienced."

"The softness of your lips was so captivating, it left me feeling unsteady."

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Be honest with him if you didn't enjoy it

Did the kiss lack enthusiasm or excitement?

It's essential to be truthful and not to resort to guilt or dishonesty. Avoid misleading him, especially if there's no future potential in the relationship.

Communicate the situation to him in a polite and considerate manner. Avoid being overly harsh or judgmental.


"While I enjoyed our time together last night, I don't feel a strong connection between us."

"I appreciate the time we spent together. At this moment, I don't see a romantic future for us, but I would love to remain friends if that's acceptable to you."

Is he a bad kisser, but you want to keep seeing him? No worries

What is the appropriate course of action when the kiss was unsatisfactory but you still have interest in the person?

This scenario might occur if he is attractive but lacks experience in kissing. And that's perfectly fine.

In such a situation, it is advisable to adopt a playful approach. Many individuals, including men, may feel insecure about their kissing abilities, so it's important not to be overly critical and cause harm to their confidence.

Be gracious. Instead of being overly critical, offer a light and flirtatious response, indicating that he still has room for improvement and you are willing to help guide him.


"Keep practicing on me until you get it just right! 😉 "

"I believe we need to put in more effort to improve our kissing. Lucky for you, I'm here to be your guide. 😉 "