What To Say When People Won't Stop Asking When You'll Get Married

If you've been in a long-term relationship with your significant other, it's likely that you've been repeatedly asked the irritating question: "When are you two getting married?" Although this is a personal matter that only concerns you and your partner, many people fail to understand that. To help you handle this situation, here are some potential responses for the next time you're faced with this question.

1. "When People Get Tired Of Asking"

If the person asking is merely an acquaintance or someone you don't know well, you can respond with this statement to make your position clear. This should effectively put an end to their inquiry.

2. "After you've Had A Baby"

If a married but childless woman asks why you're not married, a winning (although somewhat harsh) response can quickly shift the conversation to her own reasons for not having a baby yet. You might be surprised how fast the topic changes!

3. "It is already done. Guess we Forgot To Invite You"

Although this response may appear harsh, it can be effective. However, it's important to use it carefully and only in situations where it's necessary. For instance, if the person asking is an ex-boyfriend or ex-friend, they will likely regret asking you at all.

4. "Oh! I Had No Idea Hw invested You Were In our relationship until now"

This is the ideal reply for friends who are asking the question just to emphasize that you're still unmarried and may remain that way. It's most effective when accompanied by a sarcastic facial expression and tone of voice.

5. "Thanks for Your Contribution! We Are counting how many people ask us And Our Goal Is To Reach 1000 people. Since you're the 500th person to ask, After 500 more we Will Finally get married"

Although it may be a little lengthy, this response will definitely make the person who asked feel uncomfortable or awkward. Keep an eye out for their reaction - it will be priceless!

6. "we've been together for 15 years But It Feels Like we met Just yesterday, So What's the rush?"

For the best results, deliver this response with a plain, serious, and normal expression on your face. The person you're speaking to should be astonished and raise their eyebrows in wonder, as if they're questioning whether you've been together for that length of time.

7. "a trip down the aisle Does Not Mean Everlasting Love"

After delivering your statement, slowly walk away with a downcast face, as if you're reflecting on what you just said.

8. "Oh right, turn on the TV tonight so you do not miss our wedding announcement!"

To deliver this response effectively, try to feign genuine excitement.

9. "In two days"

Maintain a serious expression while the person asking is taken aback by the fact that you have a set date. Keep your face neutral as they begin to wonder why they weren't invited.

10. "you're offering to take care of all our wedding expenses? God bless! We have been waiting for You"

Proceed to describe the unique type of marriage you envision and explain why you believe it's worth it, even if the person asking may not agree.