What To Expect When Dating A Long-Term Singleton

What To Expect When Dating A Long-term Singleton

Some people love to go on dates all the time, and you rarely find a period when they are single. However, there are others that do not date all that often, and some have been single for a very long period of time.

If you find yourself dating a long-term singleton, you may not know what to expect from someone who hasn't been involved in the dating scene for a long time. So, in this article, we will go through some of the things you may experience when you date someone who has been single for a long time.


What You Can Expect

You may feel nervous about dating someone who has been single for a long time, but there is no need to feel this way. All you need to do is bear some points in mind so that you have some idea of what to expect. This includes:

More Independent

One trait that is likely to be shown by those who have been single for a long time is fierce independence. However, this is something you should embrace, as independence is a great quality that sadly some people lack.


Don't forget, your partner will have become used to being independent and doing what they want when they want. So, it is important that you respect this trait in them and let them be their own person.

No Rushing Things

Some people who get into relationships are way too eager to move things along as quickly as possible. However, this is not something you will have to worry about when you are dating someone who has been single for a long time.


These are people who will be stepping back into the world of dating for the first time in ages, which means they are likely to want to take things slowly. They will want to get a feel for the whole experience rather than diving in headfirst, so don't try to rush things along.

Protective Friends and Family

Another thing you should be aware of when dating a long-term singleton is that they are likely to have close friends and family looking out for them. It may feel as though their friends and family members are being over-protective, but they naturally want to look out for their loved ones.


Close friends and family members will be aware that the person has not dated in some time and may even know the reasons behind this. So, don't be surprised to find that there are people who have a close eye on the situation, at least at first.

Having Alone Time

Some people hate spending time alone, and they thrive when they are with other people for the majority of the time, including their partner. However, those who have been single for a long time may have become used to their own company and may enjoy alone time.


So, you also have to be prepared for your partner to want to spend time alone now and again, as this is what they are used to. Make sure you give them the space they need and let them have time alone as and when they need it.

Sometimes Guarded

When a person has not dated for a long time, they become very self-sufficient and come to rely on themselves for many things. So, when you try to do things for your partner, you may find that they are very guarded about what is happening.


This is a natural reaction from someone who is not used to having a partner around to do things for them. It is something that will subside over time, but don't start worrying if your partner does seem to be guarded at first.

Take Things as They Come

The best thing to do when you are dating a long-term singleton is to take things as they come rather than trying to push things. All that person needs is some time to get used to being in a relationship and sharing their life with someone else.