What The "Mystery" You See In A Man Actually Means

What The “mystery” You See In A Man Actually Means

You have seen the admiration and intrigue mysterious men get from the ladies. These guys carry with them a unique charm that leaves people wondering what the hell they are all about.

When Guys Are Aloof And Withdrawn, It Seems Like They Can Offer Something Special

You can't help but think these men know something about the endless mysteries of life the rest of us don't.

Is that true? Or do they just have a strange personality?

Some experts peeled back the layers of mystery and found out what the hell is really going on with these guys. So, here we go.

1. He Has Quiet Confidence

Not everyone feels the need to make a scene to feel confident about themselves. Some guys are just confident without being cocky and that's their nature.

2. He's A Brainiac

Just to clear the air, the mystery is not a sure proof of intelligence. However, many intelligent people have an air of mystery around them because they usually get stuck thinking about various things.

Normal people usually spend that time paying attention to what's going on around them and interacting with their environments.

3. He Chooses His Words

When guys listen more than they speak, they are bound to look mysterious. It makes you wonder what's going on in his mind. Sometimes it means he is not careless with his words, but at other times he really has nothing to say.

4. It's A Quirk

"Mysterious" is a broad term, and it can mean a lot of things. For instance, the mystery you see in a guy could be a quirky personality trait that makes him do things or react to something in a manner we might not expect.

5. Shyness

Don't think all shy people are awkward in social settings, fumbling their way through life. Some of them manage to have an air of confidence around them by being quiet and a little withdrawn. There's not much to them, except that they don't talk much.

6. He's Awkward In Social Settings

If the reason you think the guy is mysterious has something to do with the strange way he answers questions, then it might be because he is awkward. Such questions catch him off-guard and he gives responses that leave you with more questions than answers.

7. He's Keeping It Real

The world is so fake today. Finding someone real is truly unique. And so, when guys keep it real, they can seem mysterious in a familiar kind of way. Deep down, we are all real, but few of us have the boldness to let the world know us.

8. He's The Observant Sort

Some guys like to step back and have a look at things rather than make judgments and comments.

9. He Has Things Under Control

When someone is dealing with lots of issues and avoids the temptation to go mad, they can seem pretty mysterious.

10. He's Depressed

Apparently, sad and depressed people can seem mature, elegant, and yes, even mysterious.

11. He's Hiding Something

People can have secrets they would never share with the world. Maybe he does a job he cannot talk much about. Once the cat's out of the bag, you will not see the mystery anymore.

12. He's Flaky

The mystery you are seeing in that guy could mean the guy dislikes socializing. It could also be a sign of antisocial tendencies. Maybe he has no interest in other people knowing about him. That would make him seem mysterious because most people want the world to recognize them.

13. He's Not Showing Off His Sexual Appeal

It's true, mysterious guys have loads of sexual appeal, normally. Being mysterious means being confident enough about their sexuality to resist the urge to go the extra mile to put it on display. That, strangely, adds to it.

Girls can be complicated, and guys can be mysterious. But when it comes down to it, there is usually a reason behind the walking enigma you see in a guy. With the above pointers, you might see past the coat of mystery. That might make you like him better, or less. It all depends on what you discover. So, proceed with caution.