What Personality Type Are Characters From "Wednesday"?

Source: Wednesday Personality Types: Which Character Are You?

If you are a fan of the latest rendition of "Wednesday" and also a fan of the 16 personality types, you may have already wondered what personalities your favorite characters may have.

The good news is—we've got it covered for you!

This article will explain the five most prominent Wednesday personality types and help you understand how they are illustrated within each character. Without further ado, let's check it out!

Wednesday Personality Types & Analysis

Ready to see what Wednesday and the other characters have up their sleeves and what makes them special? Wait no more—here are the main "Wednesday" personality types:

Wednesday Addams - INTJ

If you have thought about Wednesday Addams's personality type before, you may have already realized that she's a textbook example of an INTJ. When she steps foot in Nevermore, this cunning girl is not easily swayed—in fact, it seems like she doesn't care about anyone except writing her novel and honing her skills.

INTJ stands for introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging traits. Wednesday is not shy about showing her skills, but it's always a calculated step. Moreover, she tends to rationalize every situation and won't show emotions easily, as she thinks there's not much benefit in doing so.

Jenna Ortega put a twist on this iconic character by showing Wednesday's intuitive side, which we don't see too much. Her character hides it well from herself and from others as well, only to realize that it's one of the main things that save the day.

Morticia Addams - INFJ

Morticia has been an icon for decades, famous for her style, unapologetic lifestyle, and devotion to Gomez. In the latest version of "Wednesday", this role belongs to Catherine Zeta-Jones, who did a great job portraying this caring INFJ mother. She wants the best for her daughter but also wants her to figure things out on her own.

Mortitia depicts a passionate INFJ individual that will stand up for her ideals. Also, while Wednesday likes to act as soon as she thinks she has a full picture, Morticia would rather observe a bit longer and see what the positive side of a situation can be.

Enid Sinclair - ESFP

Enid is Wednesday's infamous roommate who is into gossip, likes K-pop, and adores everything colorful (insert Wednesday's Kubrick stare here!). Still, she's another ESFP that can't fully transform, meaning she's afraid of showing her true colors (ironically).

ESFPs are great with people and are true extroverts. ENFP stands for extraverted, observing, feeling, and perceiving type. Enid wants adventure and to live her life on campus to the fullest, which is something every ESFP craves.

In a true ESFP nature, Enid is there for Wednesday in the most crucial moments and believes her judgment when nobody would. Still, even though she appears to be friends with everyone, she does have many insecurities that she's able to overcome thanks to her persistence and INTJ roommate.

Xavier Thorpe - ISFP

Percy Hynes White didn't need much screen time for his character to become the center of attention. A psychic, an artist, kind of a loner—well, you can see the ISFP stereotype.

The ISFP type needs personal space, and Xavier's art house is a perfect example of creating a space for yourself when you feel like you need one. He always turns to arts to express his emotions that are generally bottled-up.

ISFP includes introverted, observing, feeling, and perceiving character traits. They can be down to earth (Xavier has a famous dad but seems to shy away from it) and demand honesty. That's why Xavier broke up with Bianca—he thought she used her siren voice to "lure" him into a relationship.

Was Xavier honest with Wednesday? Yes, but he didn't know how to express it the right way. That's what got him into trouble, but Wednesday was constantly intruding on his personal space, which is a big no for ISFPs even though he wanted to help.

Tyler Galpin - ISFJ

Hunter Doohan was perfect for the role of your favorite boy next door. Introverted, observant, feeling, and judging, Tyler is an ISFJ type who has a lot of pent-up emotion below the friendly surface.

Tyler is a great example of a negative ISFJ, as his anger and anxiety get the best of him. Tyler was angry about his mother and his past. He felt responsible for everything that happened, and his naivety led him to believe the wrong person—Marylin Thornhill. He thought he was doing the right thing, but it was the opposite; he didn't get the chance to redeem himself, and his frustrations only got bigger.

Larissa Weems - ESTJ

Gwendoline Christie plays Larissa Weems, Nevermore's principal who holds grudges against Morticia since their student days. We see her go from almost villain to anti-hero and, ultimately, a person who wanted to do what was right.

Being an ESTJ—extraverted, observing, thinking, and judging—Principal Weems is a natural leader. She has a strong sense of what is right and wrong and will try to be the peacemaker in the group, although she'd rather do their thing and take the lead. Honoring tradition and setting values is a big deal for her, just like it is for any other ESTJ.

Key Takeaways

Nevermore is a place for many faces and personalities of every type—every character is unique and isn't ashamed of it. And, thanks to this article, we got to see the best and the worst in some of the most interesting "Wednesday" personality types and realize how they see the world.

In the end, seeing how others react in a certain situation and accepting them as they are is the key to improving yourself. As viewers, we can learn from every character in the show and find out more about ourselves. Do you share your personality type with anyone from "Wednesday"? Let us know!

You can check out the infographic about each character and its main features below.