What NOT To Do When Arguing With Each Zodiac Sign

What Not To Do When Arguing With Each Zodiac Sign

Before you start arguing, make sure you know what not to say to a particular Zodiac sign. It's always better to know your enemy...

We are all different, but when it comes to Zodiac signs, some tricks will help you avoid a bad situation turning worse. If you have to argue, here's what to avoid while talking to each of the 12 signs:


Be honest. Don't beat around the bush and never, ever get passive-aggressive around Aries.

Tell them what you want, and you'll avoid making matters worse.


You don't want to mess with Taurus. After all, they do have two horns, and they're not afraid to use them.

Do try to smooth things over, though they are explosive, Taurus needs very little to calm down and be realistic.


Never assume anything. Gemini hates when you act as if you know them. Let them speak their truth.

Gemini's duality will help them win an argument, so it's safer to have a calming approach, than to try to play them.


Cancer will hide their emotional side in public, so it's best to say what you have to, in private.

It's not that Cancer enjoys arguments; they don't like listening. And that's why arguing with them is rather useless.


Leos can go from zero to full-blown attack in a heartbeat.

Don't try to outshout them, Leos are driven by their egos. After the initial explosive reaction, Leos will be more cooperative. As long as you let them have the last word, they won't mind losing the argument.


If you want to keep a Virgo in your life, let them speak. Don't interrupt them, listen.

The thing about Virgos is that they will listen back, because they want justice, not to win an argument.


For the most balanced sign, Libras are rather invested in winning.

The moment you both start yelling, they'll be merciless. And loud, which isn't surprising: Libras love control, and if they feel like they're losing it, you're in for a wild ride.


Scorpio attacks. It's their first and only offer, and all you can do is play it cool.

If you don't, or if you demand something from a Scorpio, run! You don't need a screaming Scorpio, so it's best to keep things as civilized as possible.


The problem with Sagittarius is that they love being in charge, and they also think they know everything.

You are most likely to argue about something the Sagittarius didn't even notice, but don't call them clueless. You'll win an argument, and their egos won't be bruised.


When arguing with a Capricorn, always stay on point, avoid past issues, and don't try to give them examples.

They are practical, and you need to present your case, as if you're in the courtroom, to be heard.


Aquarius can beat any Zodiac sign, because they have the memory of an elephant, and they can get remarkably creative.

It's a peaceful sign, so let them argue with themselves. Eventually, Aquarius will admit their part of the blame.


Pisces can be mean. The louder you get, the more bad words will come from their mouth.

They are proud but forgiving. If you care about the Pisces, wave the white flag, and they'll forget all about it.