What Makes You Angry, According To Your Zodiac Sign

What Makes You Angry, According To Your Zodiac Sign

What makes you moody? On the highway of rage, some of us can accelerate from zero to eighty in as little as ten seconds. Then, there are those of us who brew for a while, keeping our feelings inside, only for steam to build up and eventually result in a nasty explosion. Some prefer disappearing, avoiding any confrontations altogether, while others bottle up their emotions and instead become deeply engrossed in depression and sadness. I mean, in one way or another, our moods are affected by different things. For this reason, being aware of what makes every Zodiac sign tick, including what makes them moody or angry will help you build and maintain a healthy relationship with them, be it working or personal. You might also discover an insight or two about yourself. Read on!

1. Aries

You are the type of character that can spontaneously burst into an impetuous ball of anger for the smallest reason. If anyone comes into contact with your anger, they have to tread cautiously, or else you will become more enraged and blame them as the cause of your anger. You become quickly exhausted and easily retract into your own cocoon. Distraction or engaging in less stressful projects will help you get over your rage.

2. Taurus

A general lack of patience quickly boils you over into impulsive anger. Besides this, you passionately hate being taken by surprise by unexpected or sudden occurrences. The instability created by such incidences easily frightens you and makes you aggressive. When such things happen, you like drifting away from the public which makes it a little bit hard to get over it. However, even if you feel erratic for an extended period of time, you always magically navigate your way back to being normal.

3. Gemini

As a sign that thrives on communication, you have a reputation for becoming angry when misunderstood or not listened to. For instance, you can overthink a small snub and transform it into a big problem, throwing everything off balance when you shouldn't. Your way of dealing with anger further complicates the situation because you imagine it- even when it doesn't exist, turn it around into a mountain and channel it to someone else. However, you don't have to blame yourself when people can't understand you. Keep on trying, and sooner than later, you will be in the company of people who understand what matters to you.

4. Cancer

When the going gets tough, you become emotional and super sticky. Nothing angers you more than people who can't lend a helping hand to pull you out of your predicament. The notion that people can't understand you makes you feel insecure, and this can quickly transform into an irrational pit of depression and negativity. You will thoughtlessly cut ties with people you can't count on, but giving them a reason to trust you can transform the whole situation.

5. Leo

Nothing angers you more than a wounded pride or ego. When angry, the world has to know because you use your emotions for the whole world to see. You are prone to spontaneously bursting, but you quickly settle down and move on with life. It is best for people to stay away from you to let the pressure blow out or else they could worsen the situation.

6. Virgo

When people accuse you falsely, you become sensitive and hysterical. To a large extent, not being understood and inaccuracy hurts you. There is nothing wrong with defending yourself when arguments arise. However, the situation will be much better when you are not argumentative. Keeping calm is what Virgos are known for, and it does work in their favor.

7. Libra

Pounds are icons of repression which deeply overwhelm feelings of anger and sadness within yourself. However, things eventually reach a critical point and anger you, making you explode. For instance, you can tolerate being micromanaged for some time, but you will ultimately call it quits, unleashing a being that is notoriously hard to anger.

8. Scorpio

Nothing bothers you more than jealousy. For you, the thought of a person breaking your trust is enough to make you explode into an uncontrollable frenzy of anger and hysteria. You have no room or tolerance for anything that threatens the balance of your life. In such situations, consider the possibility that it is your way of projecting fear to others to diffuse the tension. Even if you have solid reasons to support your allegations of jealousy, face whatever it is, and solve the problem.

9. Sagittarius

As a Sagittarian, you are tough to anger. Instead of becoming moody, you become depressed and sad. However, you've got no tolerance for people who infringe on your personal space. You value your freedom and like being alone which makes it difficult for others to know that you are experiencing some hard times. When around people, you pretend to be optimistic and happy yet in reality, you are wallowing in chaos. Take some time to talk to yourself to rectify the situation.

10. Capricorn

Feeling lazy and unproductive makes you moody. In such a situation, you tend to be evasive and isolate people from your personal space as a defense mechanism. However, you always tend to return to your work or career to distance yourself from people or things you deem responsible for your unproductive state. Humor or jokes in such a situation tends to make you angrier. So keep away for some time.

11. Aquarius

As a social character, being lonely can make you feel upset even though it is hard to anger an Aquarius. Therefore, you need to keep yourself positive, motivated, and optimistic. You can achieve this by investing in a good pool of productive friends.

12. Pisces

Inadequate time to rejuvenate your soul will have a significant impact on your mood. You are more of a mystical character who has to be kept grounded doing what your body and soul crave. Taking care of your physical needs is a step in the right direction to healing your soul.