what makes a man “mysterious”?

For some reason, women can't resist the "mysterious" man. The aloofness and the withdrawn nature make many ladies believe that these men have something special to offer.

Such guys look like they understand something about life that the rest of the world does not know about.

A study has found that the mysterious man is the most desirable man among the ladies. Women love guys that leave them guessing.

The attractive men make those around them naturally curious. This ensures that people's imaginations are filled with interesting guesses about them, and that makes them quite intriguing.

Today, we'll see just what makes men seem mysterious.

1. Quiet Confidence

Some people draw a lot of attention without doing much. That seems mysterious to many people since these guys have confidence without actually being cocky.

2. Intelligence

Okay, not every mysterious man you meet is a genius. However, people who know a lot of things have an air of mystery around them.

Intelligent guys are so in tune with their worlds in one way or another, and that tends to baffle people.

3. Shyness

When you hear someone is shy, you might be thinking of awkward messes associated with this trait. However, many composed guys are also shy, and they seem quiet and withdrawn.

In fact, you might think they are just not big on talking, while in reality, they are just too shy to chat everyone up.

4. Quirkiness

Quirky guys can seem mysterious because they might react differently to normal things. That can be quite charming.

5. Social Awkwardness

Some people are just socially awkward, and that's their nature. It does not mean they are hiding anything sinister, but most social situations are a little strange for them.

6. Careful Choice Of Words

Guys tend to look serious when they do more listening than talking. That is because you want to know what they are thinking, and yet they don't seem very anxious to express their opinions.

7. Self-Sufficiency

There is something about a man who does not seem to need anyone. Mysterious men tend to look self-sufficient.

8. Failure To Brag About His Sexuality

what makes a man "mysterious"?

This doesn't mean mysterious guys can't be sexy. However, a guy who does not feel the urge to display his sexuality leaves you guessing, and that makes him mysterious.

9. Unreliability

When a guy is too busy or unavailable, he can seem quite mysterious. This could mean he is antisocial or doesn't care much about others.

10. Keen Eye For Detail

what makes a man "mysterious"?

Shy people notice a lot of things many people miss. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that they spend less time talking and more time watching.

With his observant nature, this man tends to make great decisions that make him a delight to be around.

11. Keeping It Real

what makes a man "mysterious"?

People can be so fake today, which is why a bit of authenticity might even seem out of place. So, keeping it real might be the reason you find him mysterious, which is actually a good thing.

12. Taking Charge

A total control freak might seem mysterious because he is strange. The need to be in charge might have something to do with the fact that deep down, he has no idea how to keep it together, although he outwardly assumes an air of authority.

13. Depression

what makes a man "mysterious"?

When a guy looks moody or sad, he can appear mysterious. However, the reality might be that he is suffering from depression.

14. Having A Secret

what makes a man "mysterious"?

The air of mystery you see in a guy might have something to do with the fact that he has something to hide. That distant look might make him mysterious, but once you know the truth, you will understand why.

15. Unpredictability

what makes a man "mysterious"?

Nothing adds to a guy's air of mystery than unpredictability. This does not mean people are afraid of what the guy will do next, but they are looking forward to seeing what he does next.

Unpredictability means having an open mind and a willingness to try new and exciting things.

16. Thinking Outside The Box

what makes a man "mysterious"?

Creative people tend to be very interesting and mysterious as it shows they can be playful. Having a unique way of thinking can be very refreshing, and a guy who can think outside the box is instantly attractive.

17. Easy To Be Around

what makes a man "mysterious"?

People think that guys who are bold and outspoken are easy to be around, but that's not always the case. There are many guys who don't say much but offer a delightful company.

Most people are great to be around because they are great listeners and because they genuinely good people. These traits are rare today, and men who have them tend to look mysterious.

How To Be A Mysterious Guy

Now that you know girls like mysterious guys, how can you become one of them? Basically, being mysterious means standing out from the crowd.

Also, it's important to be mysterious in a positive way. Some types of mysteriousness make women want to run in the opposite direction.

So, if you are a bit socially awkward, try to be more social and the trait will work in your favor.

However, at the end of the day, being mysterious is not all about learning to make a girl interested, but keeping it real by being yourself and working on your confidence.

Being an introvert also makes you more mysterious. This is a man who does not like to draw attention to himself but would rather go about his way in a quiet and confident manner.

Why The Obsession With The Mysterious Man?

what makes a man "mysterious"?

When a man is mysterious, it means there is something you don't know about him. It could be good, could be bad, could be shocking.

The most likely reason is that a man who leaves a woman guessing can't get out of her mind. Therefore, a mysterious man is more interesting and exciting than the average man, and what woman doesn't want that kind of man in her life?

However, at the end of the day, girls stick with guys who are genuinely into them and have a lot more to offer than just looks and money.

Other traits girls care about when evaluating guys include the ability to have an engaging conversation, having confidence, being exciting, and having a sense of humor.