What Love Is Like When You Have High Standards For Yourself

What Love Is Like When You Have High Standards For Yourself

Some women demand the very best for themselves as they date, and few things can be as frustrating as finding a perfect romantic partner. The problem is that nobody is perfect, and even if you feel like you should settle for nothing less than the very best, odds are that you will know that you are less likely to meet the perfect match for you after so many unsatisfying relationships. If you are such a woman, your romantic life will be a little different in a number of ways. Here are some of them.

1. Your Partner Will Find Your Life Goals Intimidating

If you demand so much of others, odds are that you expect just as much out of your life. Whatever you pursue in life, you want to be the best, sometimes at the risk of making your partner worried about you. Most romantic partners will have a problem understanding why you are so driven, and why you demand the best in everything, and they can feel that the relationship you have with them is subject to the same treatment, which can intimidate them.

2. You Do Most Of The Breakups

Most people who want normal relationships can put up with a lot of things. But as a perfectionist, you cannot. Therefore, you will find a relationship to be unworthy of your time more often than your boyfriends will; and that means, you will initiate most breakups.

3. Small Things Freak You Out

Because you expect a perfect relationship, you cannot handle even the smallest relationship problems without feeling that your whole idea of a perfect relationship is getting shattered to pieces. Even the slightest disagreement makes you question the entire relationship, and you might even end things over such issues.

4. No Guy Will Be Adequate For You

If your standard as your date is perfection, odds are that you will get tired of boyfriends a lot faster than other girls. But in reality, it is not just getting tired, you are simply realizing that the guy is not the ideal partner you thought you were getting. Once this becomes apparent, you get dissatisfied with the relationship and move on to the next seemingly perfect candidate.

5. You Prefer To Be Single To Being In An Unsatisfying Relationship

Being single does not scare you more than being in a lukewarm relationship when all you want is perfection out of your relationship. You simply won't settle for less than perfect and this will also mean having a harder time meeting the guy of your dreams.

6. You Always Come First

When you think you deserve the very best in life, you will naturally find yourself putting yourself and your needs above those of your partner. This is something you have always done. Unfortunately, some people will not get why you are like that, and they might even leave you as a result.

7. Not Many Second Dates For You

In most cases, after the first date, you will have discovered that the guy was not perfect for you. You are hard to impress and have such high standards that most people you date will never make the cut. So, there will be fewer second dates for you.

8. You Notice The Bad Things In Your Partner Very Easily

After being with someone for a while, their bad side may be all you can see. At this point, you will probably end up parting ways because your partner will realize your dissatisfaction with everything they do, or you will initiate the break up because you will feel like you are selling yourself short by being in a relationship with someone who is less than perfect.

9. Getting The Perfect Guy Is Something You Constantly Worry About

After so many unsatisfying dates and relationships, you might start to feel like there is no perfect guy for you. You can see many happy couples; and even though you know that is the sort of romantic life you deserve, you are worried it might not pan out for you. Your dream guy might even start to feel like a fantasy.