What Kissing A Guy Can Tell You About His Feelings For You

Sleeping with a guy can provide insight, but equally valuable information can be obtained from kissing him. The knowledge gained from a kiss can help determine if engaging in sexual activity with him would be worthwhile. The techniques used in a first kiss are often utilized in the bedroom, making it important to analyze each move during a make-out session. Take note of these details during your next encounter to gain a better understanding of the situation.


1. If You Have Chemistry

Describing chemistry is difficult as it's an experience that can only be felt. It's something that becomes apparent when it happens to you directly. If there aren't any sparks when you first kiss someone, it's unlikely that they will develop later. Chemistry is usually present from the beginning, and kissing someone is an effective way to determine the intensity of your connection.


2. If He'll Be An Expert At Foreplay

Is he patient and deliberate when initiating the kiss, or does he immediately thrust his tongue into your mouth? If he displays excessive eagerness from the outset, it's not a positive sign. It suggests that he lacks understanding of the importance of patience, a crucial aspect of foreplay. This behavior could indicate that he may not be skilled in the bedroom.


3. How Confident He Is

Smooching a self-assured guy is a distinctively different encounter than kissing an insecure one. Does he fumble with his keys for an extended period before leaning in, or does he approach with a confident air? A man who is self-assured is also likely to be competent. Nonetheless, there is something charming about shy men, so either way, you can't go wrong.


4. If He Takes Care Of Himself

Does his breath have a flavor of peppermint gum or cigarettes? If he intended to kiss you, he should have brushed and flossed his teeth beforehand. If he neglected to prepare for the initial kiss, he's unlikely to use mouthwash for subsequent ones.

5. If He's A Good Listener

Does he mirror your head tilt, and does he respond when you use your tongue to explore his lips? If he picks up on your signals, it's a positive indication. It suggests that he is attentive to your desires. Kissing a guy who uses his entire body to interpret and react to the messages you're sending can be a transformative experience.


6. How He Feels About You

It's apparent that he likes you if he's kissing you. Observe his behavior after the kiss. If he departs quickly, he may regret the kiss. If he attempts to kiss you on a lower part of your body, he might be interested in engaging in sexual activity.

7. How Laid-back He Is

If you accidentally bump teeth while kissing, does he panic or find it amusing? A desirable partner is someone who possesses a good sense of humor, so it's encouraging if he can laugh at himself, even during intimate moments. Kissing should be a pleasurable experience, so if he's feeling stressed or appears uncomfortable in any way, it could be a concern.


8. How Good He Is With His Hands

It's not just his lips that deserve your attention; his hands can be equally revealing. If he knows the appropriate spots to touch and caress from the beginning, he's likely to be incredible in the bedroom.

9. If He's Serious About You

While the kiss itself is significant, the timing and location can provide valuable information about him. Did he take you out on an elegant date before attempting to kiss you, or did he corner you in a restroom at a party? If it's the latter, he may be seeking a casual hookup. Kissing a guy can indicate his long-term aspirations for the relationship, if any.


10. If You're Serious About Him

Did that kiss leave you yearning for more, or are you already disinterested in him? Kissing a man is an efficient method to determine if you genuinely like him or if it's time to seek someone else to kiss. Additionally, it's a useful way to ascertain if the chemistry you share with him on a personal level translates to physical intimacy. If you enjoy conversing with him but the kiss feels off, you realize he's not the suitable partner for you.


How To Make Kissing A Guy An Even Better Experience

Kissing can be more exciting if you do these things.

1. Prioritize Kissing

Many individuals perceive kissing as a mere pause en route to engaging in sexual intercourse, but this shouldn't be the case for both you and your partner. A fantastic kiss can significantly contribute to the well-being of a lasting relationship. According to a 2021 study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, couples who kiss less frequently reported lower levels of sexual and overall relationship satisfaction. In other words, it's time to start smooching!


2. Get Out Of Your Head And Focus On The Guy You're Kissing

According to sex and intimacy coach Leah Carey, instead of focusing on techniques you've read about, the most important thing to becoming a better kisser is paying attention to your partner's response. Carey emphasizes that people often get too fixated on a specific technique and forget to tune into their partner's needs and preferences.


3. If You're Unsure, Ask

If you sense that there's room for improvement while kissing your partner or you feel like there's something he would like you to do but you're not sure, don't hesitate to ask him. Despite its obviousness, many people refrain from asking their partner what they like because they fear it may make them appear foolish. In reality, the opposite is true, according to sex and intimacy coach Leah Carey. Your partner may have a few things they want to share with you but are unsure how to bring them up, so asking for their feedback is crucial.


4. Try Not To Worry Too Much

Ultimately, kissing is a way of expressing attraction, but it is not the only aspect of intimacy. "To be honest, kissing is a strange phenomenon. There is no clear explanation for how or why kissing started, why we press our mouths together, and why it is desirable," says Chamin Ajjan, a licensed clinical social worker, cognitive-behavioral therapist, certified sex therapist, and author of Seeking Soulmate: Ditch the Dating Game and Find Real Connection. "We often wonder, 'Am I doing this right? Are they enjoying it? Does my breath smell bad?' However, if you can shift your focus to your partner, kissing becomes a mindful activity where you tune into your senses and theirs, making the moment more enjoyable and satisfying."