What It's Really Like To Have An Outgoing Personality But An Anxious Mind

What It’s Really Like To Have An Outgoing Personality But An Anxious Mind

Outgoing people with anxious or overthinking minds experience anxiety more profoundly than the average anxious people, and they rarely talk about it.

The anxiety an outgoing personality experience puts them in a constant state of a dilemma on whether to stay and fight it out or take to their heels. But even in the middle of all this, they are engulfed in a deep cloud of anxiety.

While people see a lively person who is completely uninhibited in social situations on the surface, deep within is a secretly restless mind that overthinks the most minor details about life and all it entails.

Here are some things you experience as an anxious and yet outgoing person.

1. You Are Harder On Yourself Than On Anyone Else

When you are outgoing and anxious, you regularly feel like you are wasting your life on some level. The feeling that you could be doing more stays with you.

2. You Are Easily Overcome With Emotions

Although it might not seem like you need it, even a small kind gesture can mean the world to you. So, when someone checks up on you or makes you a cup of tea, you are deeply touched.

3. You Wake Up With All Kinds Of Thoughts On Your Mind

Even after a fun night of carefree partying, you will often wake up going over everything you did. For instance, what did you do to embarrass yourself? What did you promise?

4. You Constantly Fight The Urge To Be Around People

As an anxious person, the desire to retreat and rejuvenate is very strong for you. But you are also an outgoing person who cannot resist the urge to be around other people. This makes you a very complex person.

5. You Are Picky, Even Though You Like Being Around All Kinds Of People

As an outgoing person, you like all the attention people give you. However, your anxiety makes trusting people an issue and makes you very picky about those around you.

6. You Cannot Miss A Thing

This personality blend makes you think you should never let a chance pass you by.

7. You Are Stressed By Small Things

Most people assume that small things never get to you. However, when one small thing goes wrong, it stresses you greatly. It could be missing an appointment or a deadline, however insignificant it might be.

8. You Have Very Few Friends, But Loads Of Acquaintances

You share your world with very few people. So, you have very few close friends, despite knowing a lot of people.

9. You Get All Kinds Of Crazy Thoughts When You Can't Reach Them On The Phone

As an anxious person, your mind imagines all sorts of horrible things when you cannot reach someone on the phone. In fact, you are not above thinking that the person is no longer alive simply because they cannot answer the phone.

10. Making Social Connections Is Easy For You

Despite all the anxiety, you are still charming and social, and connecting with other people is very easy.

11. Dating Can Be A Challenge

As lovers, you will often have to prove that you are not a control freak or incredibly insecure. Making it clear that you just think too much can be a challenge, being so outgoing and social.

12. Your Mind Doesn't Stop

Even though you remember going over an issue a thousand times before making a decision, you still can't help but think there is an angle you are probably missing afterward.