What It's Like To Lose Yourself To A Toxic Man

What It’s Like To Lose Yourself To A Toxic Man

There are lots of women who are lucky enough to have never been in a toxic relationship. Many are in loving, secure relationships with their ideal partners.

However, some have lost themselves to a toxic man. These are women who will know just how devastating this can be to many areas of their lives.

When you lose yourself to a toxic man, your life can change immeasurably. This can happen on a gradual basis until you suddenly realize that your life is no longer what it once was.


In this article, we will look at some of the things you may experience when you lose yourself to a toxic man.

The Consequences Of A Toxic Relationship

There are many ways in which a relationship with a toxic man can take its toll on your life. Some of these include:

Losing Your Self-Worth

A toxic man can gradually beat you down mentally until you lose your sense of self-worth. Constant belittling, being put down by your partner, and being made to feel that nothing you do or say matters will leave you wondering whether there is any point in your life.


A lot of women who are with toxic men go from being bubbly and confident to feeling that they are totally worthless. This continues no matter what other loved ones tell them.

Once you start to feel like this, your personality, self-worth, and whole life changes for the worst.

Losing Your Confidence

Another thing that toxic men are very good at is making you lose your self-confidence. This is something that then gives them even greater control over your life.


Some men have perfected the art of gradually chipping away at you. As a result, you become less and less confident about yourself and your life as time goes on.

Women who were filled with confidence have been reduced to a state where they have not an ounce of confidence left. This is sometimes because of the impact of being with a toxic man.

Once you lose your confidence, the man has you just where he wants you, which is in their total control.


Making You Question Everyone

In the past, you may have been a trusting, talkative, friendly woman who had time for everyone in her life. However, the way in which toxic men chip away at your mental state can quickly leave you questioning everyone and trusting nobody.

Again, this is ideal for the toxic man. This is because it puts you in a position where you have nobody to turn to apart from him.


This is all about being able to gain control over you completely by making themselves the only person you feel you can go to or talk to.

Isolation from Loved Ones

One other thing that toxic men are very good at is isolating you from your loved ones. This includes your family members and close friends.

Before you know it, you are all alone, you have lost support and close ties. This means you have nobody left but your toxic partner.


By isolating you in this way, the toxic partner knows that they will be able to control you with far greater ease. It means that there will be no outside influences to stand in the way of them gaining total control of your life.

Escaping Toxic Relationships

If you lose yourself to a toxic man, it can become difficult to stand back and take stock of the situation. However, this is something you must do because you must do all you can to escape this toxic situation.