What It's Like To Find A Guy Who Doesn't Actually Play Games

Living in a world where a guy plays hard to get, leaving you waiting for hours for a text back is not ideal. But it doesn't mean that you have to settle for that kind of behavior. It's possible to find a guy who doesn't play games, and the following describes what that's like.

1. You Don't Have To Guess What He's Feeling

A man who doesn't play games is straightforward and honest. You won't have to guess what he's thinking at any given moment because he'll always speak his mind. If he's interested in you, he'll let you know, and if he's not, he'll tell you that too.

2. You'll Have Fewer Freakouts

You won't have to deal with anxiety over waiting for his response. If he's not able to reply right away, he'll let you know, and you won't have to wait long for his response because he wants to talk to you. He won't keep you waiting just for the sake of playing games.

3. He's Not Ashamed Of Loving Someone

A man who is genuinely interested in you will take the initiative to ask you out, and if he loves you, he won't hesitate to say those three little words. He's not afraid to express his feelings for you, unlike most men.

4. You Won't Have To Keep Your Guard Up

Dealing with players can be risky, and it's easy to second-guess everything they say, which can shatter your heart into a million pieces. However, once you've found a man who doesn't play games, you won't have to worry about trusting him because he's honest and straightforward with you.

5. You Won't Be Scared To Tell Him How You Feel

If you're looking for someone who is honest, you can trust that he will be truthful with you. Being open and honest with him will come naturally, and you'll feel at ease discussing topics that were difficult to bring up with past partners. You can freely express your feelings and even ask him to meet your parents.

6. Your Confidence Won't Waver

Unlike some men, he won't use insincere compliments or flirt with other women to make you feel insecure. He is completely focused on you and your relationship. If he commits to being with you, you can count on him to follow through on his promise.

7. You'll Always Know Where You Stand

He has no qualms about defining your relationship. If he loves you, he will proudly refer to you as his girlfriend. If he's only interested in a physical relationship, he will be upfront about that too. You won't have to guess where you stand in his life.

8. You Won't Have To Play Games, Either

If the man you like plays games, you may feel pressured to join in if you want to be with him. But if you find a guy who is straightforward, you can avoid drama and confusion. With an honest partner, you can leave those negative experiences behind.

9. You'll Realize How Easy Love Can Be

Dating rules can be overwhelming, making it hard to believe that someone would appreciate your honesty. But with him, you can simply express yourself and he will reciprocate. It's a refreshing change.

10. You Won't Doubt Yourself

Even if the relationship ends, he will remain truthful with you. He won't disappear without explanation or make you question what went wrong. You'll have the closure you need because he will explain why he's leaving.