What It's Like To Date The 12 Women Of The Zodiac

What It’s Like To Date The 12 Women Of The Zodiac

Wondering why the hell the woman you are dating is such an enigma? Welcome to the club. Almost all guys do. Fortunately, here are some answers to these tough questions about the women who enter our lives.


These women don't settle, because they don't mind waiting for the partner of their dreams. They long for greatness in both their personal and professional life and yes, they enjoy the attention.


But, it will take more than flattery to make her yours, for she already knows her worth. You have to be bold, and once her heart is yours, she will open up to you. She wants balance. So, you have to give her attention, but you don't have to drool over her either. She likes her independence too, but she won't settle for a pushover either.


You have to take your time with this woman. Show devotion and wait until she is ready. Give her a bit of a challenge at first. She might come onto you, but she expects you to put up some resistance.


Once she has you, she can't let you go easily. She will reciprocate your loyalty and trust, but she can be mean when deceived. Little romantic gestures go a long way with this woman. She loves stability, and honesty is very important to her. She is very nurturing also.


a Gemini woman is flirtatious and charming but full of mysteries. She will not be an easy conquest. You also have to learn to keep her with her cold and hot nature, and she changes her mind constantly.


She would like to win you as well, so, give her a chance to flirt a bit too. She is explosive about betrayal, and she hates been ignored. But beneath all this, she is reliable and supportive, and she has plenty of love to give. She has few taboos in bedroom matters, and she is not shy to say what she wants.


She is very empathetic and can be quite emotional and sensitive. The way to get her attention is to listen to what she says. She values family and friends as well, and she protects her relationships, even the one she has with you once you win her heart.


She won't fall for you easily. However, once she does, she will be affectionate and nurturing. She likes an emotional connection as well, and will never forget an act of betrayal.


Full of confidence and charm, a Leo woman is quite attractive. She likes it when you admire and appreciate her. This woman is also quite unforgiving, and one mistake is enough to get on her bad side permanently.


She likes it when you are the center of each other's worlds, but that is after she falls for you. But never make her jealous. However, she can take admiration and criticism in equal measure. Be sure to keep things exciting through spontaneous trips and give her some space when she needs it. She can also be an aggressive lover and wants to feel uninhibited when you decide to get down and dirty.



Don't let the "cool" vibe of a Virgo woman fool you. Yes, she will be tough to win, but she is quite vulnerable, and her sharp witty remarks often conceal this reality about herself.

Once she is yours, she will be full of love, forgiveness, and affection. She also values intellectual appeal, and she is very appreciative. She is also gentle as a lover, and you have to be sensual to avoid being a turn-off.



Conversations are easy with this woman. That does not mean you are welcome to make an advance, you still have to take your time. She has a deep appreciation for aesthetics, and although her social nature makes her have many friends, she trusts very few of them.

She will not show her affection in public, but she is full of affection out of the public eye. She can also be a little manipulative, and she likes to think of sex as an art form.



Full of mystery, a Scorpio woman can leave you mesmerized, and will draw you in without you knowing it. She makes a strong stand but is also reserved and full of secrets. She can also be quite stubborn, and you have to let her take charge sometimes. She values sex too and is quite skilled at it, but she is not above using it as a weapon.



Full of energy and humor, a Sagittarius can be a lot of fun to date. You also need quite a bit of energy to keep up. She enjoys new experiences, and she likes her freedom...a lot. Once she commits, she is loyal but has little tolerance for BS. She is also very open and likes to live in the moment.


She is independent and highly capable of taking care of her needs. She might seem cold, but she likes emotional and financial reassurance, although she can handle this latter part on her own. You have to demonstrate sincerity before she can open up to you. Otherwise, she is very straightforward.



Eccentricity is her middle name, and you will never be bored with her. That means she needs unending stimulation, and she likes to stand out. That also means you have to stand out to get her attention. She likes her independence though, and she is very devoted.


This woman will be very complicated, and finding what she is about will be a challenge. But once she is yours, she will be very passionate and caring, and will easily open up to you. However, getting her is not easy.