What It's Like To Date Someone Who's The Same Zodiac Sign As You

What It’s Like To Date Someone Who’s The Same Zodiac Sign As You

Should you let astrology get in the way of your love life? Of course, we are all unique snowflakes, but here's a question that many can't seem to get out of their heads: should you date or marry someone who the same zodiac sign as you?

The thing about dating the same star sign is that you will be able to discover more about yourself. However, you will also find that some things you think are adorable are actually quite annoying.

Dating the same sign as you are is a lesson, more than anything. That's why it's ok to date, but don't get your hopes up. There're huge chances you won't end up at the altar. And we're about to dig into that issue right now.

Astrology isn't that simplistic

what it's like to date someone who's the same zodiac sign as you

You may as well be born on the same date and at the same time. But, you don't have to be anything alike.

Apart from genetics, education, character, etc., there's more to zodiac than your sign.

Where's your moon, the sun, the whole solar system? All these things are vital when you're considering dating the same zodiac sign as yours.

Teachable moments from dating the same sign

what it's like to date someone who's the same zodiac sign as you

You will get to learn more about yourself, as well as to be more accepting, even when it comes to your flaws.

The same flaws, or whatever you want to call them, will eventually lead to break up, but it's good to know that at some point, you were able to embrace the quirks and all the little things you always disliked about yourself.

It's a road to self-acceptance and self-love. Additionally, it will help you understand what went wrong with your previous relationships and why your best friend refuses to talk to you when you're too vague or too stubborn.

Mirroring is kind of creepy

what it's like to date someone who's the same zodiac sign as you

Since you and your partner are the same zodiac signs, there's a huge chance you'll experience mirroring.

When we fall in love, we tend to impersonate our lovers' gestures, the way they walk and talk. But, if you're a Leo dating a Leo, this means that your need to be in the center of everything will be presented in the worst possible way.

For an Aquarius, it might turn into a competition: which one will come up with a better plan to be even more eccentric?


You don't have to be the biggest believer in astrology to know that there are some common traits among people who share zodiac signs. And the real deal-breaker comes when you get into an argument.

As you share a sign, you will know how to better push each other's buttons than you ever imagined. Which only sounds passionate; in reality, it's a disaster.

Good same sign matches

what it's like to date someone who's the same zodiac sign as you

Not every match has to be wrong. Some signs will thrive when they meet; others will wonder what the heck were they thinking.

Among the best matches are two Capricorns. Ambitious yet family-oriented, Capricorns are realistic as they come. These characteristics can give you a sense of normalcy, as they are treats of an adult relationship.

Cancer plus cancer can be one of the best astrology matches. You're both romantic and love to snuggle in the comfort of your home. Yes, Cancers are moody, but if you already know that, you won't take it personally, as other signs do.

If you and your partner are both Geminis, you're in for a wild ride. It's not the best match, but it's full of fun moments, as long as one of you understands the need to be more grounded than the other.


You may find your Astro Twin

what it's like to date someone who's the same zodiac sign as you

People born at the same time on the same day in the same area are known as Astro twins.

If you and your partner are among them, congratulations since there's a big chance that you found someone who loves the same things you do.

Since your astrology charts are so similar, you might feel like you're dating yourself, which is great, unless you aren't your own biggest fan.

And even if you do love and accept yourself, there's something that might ruin the whole experience: boredom. When you're with someone that similar to you, it's predictable. So, keeping that spark alive might be your number one goal.

Worst same sign matches

what it's like to date someone who's the same zodiac sign as you

Apart from mirroring and occasional boredom or predictability, dating or marrying someone you share zodiac sign might not be that bad. Unless you're one of the following signs.


Leos are great, fantastic, brilliant, but don't steal their spotlight! Two Leos will lift each other until they turn on each other. And then it's a jungle, each animal for themselves. Yikes!

Aries are hot-headed, energetic, and love to place blame. It's a passionate union, but all the fights will make you wonder: is it worth it? Aries, like Leos, aren't too crazy about being diplomatic, so maybe stay friends before the whole thing explodes?

Taurus can handle a Leo and an Aries, but another Taurus? Forget it! It's like watching two egos collide even when it comes to the smallest, everyday issues.

Love trumps negativity

what it's like to date someone who's the same zodiac sign as you

No matter what your birth chart says, or where your planets are placed, real, mature love can handle a lot.

And if you're not willing to give someone a chance because of their zodiac sign, you're not ready for that kind of love. Sorry.

Love's full of compromises and conversations, some deeper than others. If you want to enjoy it and to build a life with someone, you need to cut on your BS and accept them while practicing self-love all the time.

No love story is perfect, and neither are you. Astrology may give you all the signs that you met the love of your life.

But if you're not in the right place mentally, or you can't stand still with someone, don't worry. You'll get another chance when the time is right.