What It's Like Dating Someone With A Strong Personality

What It’s Like Dating Someone With A Strong Personality

Throughout life, we meet many kinds of people, including folks who are so strong they seem to have every aspect of their lives under control. These people overcome incredible odds and emerge unscathed or stronger than they have ever been.

But guess what, they are not stronger than the rest of us. They just have a different outlook on things, and that's what makes all the difference.

And if you are dating one of these individuals, you should know the following things about them.


1. They Enjoy Treating Themselves

Strong people often have a reputation for partying as hard as they work. They appreciate the need to treat themselves to a nice gift once in a while after working so hard to afford nice things.

So, don't think much of this behavior, it's just part of their process. It doesn't mean they have lost their focus and turned wasteful and reckless.


2. Open-Minded

Strong people never shy away from trying new things. They enjoy keeping an open mind about almost everything as long as they think it will bring them some happiness.

This is actually a good thing because having this person for a partner means you always have someone willing to hear about your new ideas or suggestions. You don't have to fear speaking your mind with the belief that suggesting things they have never tried before will be an issue.


3. A Short Selection Of Friends

Strong people are very picky with their friends, which is why they have so few of them. They like having a few close friends they can trust.

That is why you will see them stick to their friends in many scenarios because they have been through so much together.

For them to trust you, you have to be really honest. Otherwise, you will seem like a burden and they might decide they are better off without you.


4. They Need Time Alone To Heal

When you are always fighting tough life battles, you will get bruised from time to time. That means you will also need to take some time and heal or recover your strength.

So, if you are dating a strong person, learn to give them some space to breathe and recharge their batteries. They need a lot of strength because they often go after big challenges in life, which require plenty of strength to overcome.


5. They Don't Like Unnecessary Conflict

Although strong people are not afraid of confrontation, they hate unnecessary arguments. They know these confrontations are just a waste of their time and prefer to avoid them and focus on more important things.

So, this person will never waste time on mindless gossip, rumors, or other time-wasters. In short, there will be no room for drama with this person in your life, which is a big plus for many people.


6. Confrontational Behavior

Strong people don't like procrastinating. Instead, they prefer to face whatever issue pops up as soon as they can.

They will ask your opinions about whatever comes to their minds, and they don't mind if the interaction gets a little heated. In your relationship with a strong person, be ready for this kind of attitude from them.


7. They Are Very Independent

Even after becoming an important part of a strong person's life, expect that they will want to do things without expecting anyone's help.

That does not mean they will never let you help them, but it means you should not count on them depending entirely on you when they need to get something done.

So, as you date this person, allow them some space to do things on their own, as that gives them a lot of satisfaction in life.


With their independence and headstrong attitude, it might seem like strong people don't get what being in a relationship is all about. But at the end of the day, strong people work so hard so that their lives and the lives of those they love become much easier and enjoyable.