What It's Like Dating Someone Who Never Texts

Initially, I had an expectation of having a boyfriend who would text me daily. However, as I've grown older, I've come to realize that my previous expectation may have been unrealistic. Nonetheless, I went out with someone who never sent a single text message, not even once. Here's my experience and why I wouldn't repeat it.

1. Talking On The Phone Was Awkward At Times

As someone who prefers daily communication with my partner, not having text as the primary means of staying in touch can be frustrating. While I enjoy hearing their voice over the phone, relying solely on phone calls feels impractical and limiting.


2. On the other hand, emailing is boring

I prefer texting because it's a convenient way to reach someone since most people carry their phones with them. While people can also check their emails on their phones, it doesn't have the same appeal as sending funny dog memes via text. Does anyone else feel this way? I found it strange to start using email as the primary means of communication with a guy I was dating because we never used it before.


3. I Missed Him When We Weren't In Touch

While we went on dates once or twice a week, we didn't communicate much during the rest of the time. Occasionally, there was a phone call to confirm or cancel plans, but nothing in between. I found myself missing him and wishing we could "check in" with each other through texts.

4. I Couldn't Test Our Textual Chemistry

For me, building a connection with someone involves different aspects. Obviously, the in-person connection during dates is crucial, but I also value the textual connection. It feels strange when there's chemistry in person, but it's not reflected in texting, or vice versa. Unfortunately, with the guy I was seeing, I couldn't gauge our texting chemistry because he never sent any messages.


5. We Missed Out On Cute And Funny Moments

The absence of texting prevented us from having those spontaneous late-night conversations where we could delve into deep topics or share a laugh over something random. It was disappointing because I felt like we missed out on those moments. Additionally, I missed receiving those "good morning" texts that made me feel appreciated and special.


6. I Didn't Trust Him

Over time, I began to question his claim of hating texting so much and never doing it. I couldn't shake off the feeling that he might be using this as an excuse to avoid communicating with me frequently.

7. I Realized I'm Addicted To My Phone

This experience of being unable to text the guy I was seeing made me realize how much I rely on my phone for communication and how disorienting it felt when I couldn't use it to reach him. It wasn't a pleasant experience and it prompted me to attempt to distance myself from my phone, although it was challenging. However, going back to the guy...


8. It Made Me Feel Awkward

On one occasion, I got the location of our date wrong and had to call the guy to inform him. Unfortunately, he was in a meeting and couldn't answer, and I couldn't text him because he disliked texting so much. It was frustrating that it was so difficult to get in touch with him at times. Furthermore, knowing that if I needed to ask him something significant, I had to call or wait to see him in person, was exasperating.


9. I Felt Rejected At Times

At times, I couldn't resist sending the guy a text, but he always declined to reply. The complete lack of texting communication was uncomfortable and felt like a rejection. It complicated things even though I knew he didn't enjoy texting. I came to realize that I have certain texting needs that he wasn't fulfilling, and it was a source of frustration for me.


10. It Wasn't Liberating

Initially, the idea of not texting seemed refreshing. I imagined how nice it would be not to worry about whether he had read my messages or not. However, I found myself experiencing a similar level of stress. Moreover, trying to compensate for the lack of texting only added to my anxiety. The inability to text hindered our ability to communicate effectively.


11. Thankfully, It Taught Me Some Important Things

Although this experience had its challenges, I gained valuable insights from it. It made me aware that I often rely on texting to discuss serious matters because I lack confidence. Sometimes, I seek refuge behind a screen for comfort. Interacting with this guy pushed me out of my comfort zone, leading me to become a more effective communicator. Nevertheless, I still value my phone.