What It Means When He Doesn't Compliment You

What It Means When He Doesn’t Compliment You

I've dated men where this has actually happened, I have dished out the compliments and yet received nothing in return. It always made me wonder whether they actually felt anything for me and even more it made me feel so self-conscious. If you're anything like me you will be wondering this too, I think it's a pretty sane thing to wonder.

After the usual girl talks, I have found that there are guys who actually act like they don't care. To make a girl insecure, they play games just as they say we do. So pretty much by not complimenting you, he is trying to ensure that you will keep thinking about him, the more you think about him though the more you wonder why you aren't being complimented.

Situations like this put him in control. He knows that he has control of the relationship by not telling you what you want to hear. Being a female, I definitely think it is cruel. While Chatting with my male friends, I found that this method does work for them. If a guy isn't complimenting you there is actually a chance he likes you but is just playing games. Unfortunately, he knows he is winning when he sees what it is doing to you.

You are unknowingly playing his game because you want to hear his voice more often, you want to see his smile, and you want to be acknowledged. The more he deprives you of these things, the more you want them. All of the things make you feel like you matter to him so it's like you are putty in his hands. It's a very powerful and effective game that men who are really good at getting girls play, and it works.

As a self-respecting woman, you need to ask yourself if you like him enough to put up with this. Is getting a compliment worth going through all of the drama? If it isn't, you're better of getting out before you get too involved.

I have seen so many women stick it out because they like them. Their sense of self-worth becomes completely tied up in the person playing the games and what bones they wanted to throw them. What a lot of these girls don't realize is that they got really low when it was too late and they ended up depressed and not liking themselves anymore.

When it comes to these kinds of men, don't let them drain your soul or steal your self-worth. If they walk away then you're only left with you. Never forget you are beautiful and deserve the best. There are many reasons he stopped complimenting you, and there are a lot of things you can do about it.