What It Means To Love A Girl Who Has Lived Through Trauma

Going through a traumatic experience changes how you perceive life. The trauma leaves you anxious and scared. Women can experience different types of trauma including abuse from a previous relationship, fights between parents, workplace, or war. You should know a few things if you happen to fall in love with a girl who has gone through any kind of trauma.

• She Is A Survivor

When a girl goes through trauma, she walks through a steep path, not of her choosing, but one that is harder than the rest of the world will understand. She learns how to sail through the waves, even though she has no knowledge of swimming. She runs barefoot through scorching fires, but she manages to pass through breathing and alive.

• She Is Strong

Even though her experiences will cause her physical, mental, and emotional pain, she does not succumb to the things the world throws at her. However, she will never be the same girl again. The trauma changes her. She learns how to live with the memories from the experiences. Although she might seem jovial on some days, she is harboring pain deep down inside and she experiences fear that no one can understand.

• She Knows How To Love

When you first approach a girl who has gone through trauma, she will seem aloof at first. You cannot blame her for this as her experiences have made it hard for her to trust. However, when she learns that your intentions are pure, she will love you more than you could ever imagine. She will open up to you. She will allow you to see her scars, and then give you an opportunity to understand that her scars made her perfect. She will trust you with her life and allow you to help her through the bad days. It might take time and a lot of patience but in the end, it will be worth it.

• She Desires To Be Loved

A girl who has gone through trauma might not show interest in you at first, but always remember that she has strong desires. She wants someone to love her. If you happen to fall in love with a girl like this, you need to show her that she can trust you, that she can lean on you in times of need. Her loving you and you loving her is an opportunity for her to feel alive again.

• She Expects The Worst

When you fall in love with a girl like this, you need to understand that the traumatizing experiences damaged her thoughts. Do not be surprised if she acts cynically. She is trying to avoid situations where she will be caught by surprise if anything hits the fan.

• She Needs To Trust You Before She Can Open Up To You

When all relationships require trust as a primary ingredient, it might be a bit exaggerated when you are dealing with a girl who has gone through trauma. Her mind and thoughts are broken and can at times lead you to tears. However, before she can share those thoughts with you, she needs to know that she can trust you.

Most importantly, when you fall in love with a girl who has gone through trauma, you are in for something special. She will not love you for what you have. Instead, she will love you for the little things you do for her, and she will appreciate life and her love for you on a whole other level.