What It Is Like Loving A Man You Know You Can Not Have

It's incredibly challenging to have an unattainable crush. Perhaps the person you're interested in is married, your superior at work, or your best friend's sibling. Despite the circumstances, pursuing them would be inappropriate. As a result, it's agonizing to be in love with someone you realize you can't be with.

1. You have to filter yourself

It can be difficult to engage in a conversation with him because you have to filter your thoughts and can't just blurt out the first flirty thing that comes to your mind. You're constantly restraining yourself.


2. Stalking him becomes part of your routine

To avoid staring at him in person, you resort to checking his social media pages. You've scrolled through every status update and photo he's uploaded since he joined the site.

3. You constantly fight the urge to text him

You also use Facebook to message him and Instagram to like his photos.


4. You can't gush about him to your friends

Sharing your massive crush with your girlfriends could make you feel better, but you refrain from doing so due to the fear of being judged. You don't want them to form a negative opinion about you, so you choose to keep your emotions to yourself.

5. You can't touch him the way you want to

Although you can't have him in reality, it doesn't stop you from fantasizing about him while masturbating. However, this only intensifies your desire for him in the real world.


6. You feel guilty for no reason

Despite not having done anything wrong, you still feel somewhat guilty about your attraction towards him. However, you can't control your feelings, and at times, the taboo aspect of it all can make it even more arousing.

7. You wonder if you should risk it

You're aware that pursuing him is not the right thing to do, but that doesn't prevent you from indulging in daydreams about the potential outcome. On some occasions, you fear that you might even contemplate acting upon your desires.


8. You're mean to overcompensate

You aim to keep your crush a secret, which may lead you to behave rudely when you converse with him. Your objective is to avoid giving any indication of your attraction to him.

9. You compare everyone to him

Your admiration for him has reached such heights that nobody else can measure up to him. Everyone else appears insignificant in comparison.


10. You wonder if you only like him because you can't have him

By the end of the day, you're uncertain whether your attraction towards him stems from him being an impressive catch or because he's unattainable. Occasionally, the forbidden fruit seems the most tempting.