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What Is Vulva Hug?

What Is Vulva Hug?

You have probably heard the increasingly popular phrase, "vulva hug." If you have no clue what that means, take comfort in the fact that a lot of people are in your position.

Fortunately, we are about to learn everything there is to know about this popular term.

Once the phrase was out there, thanks to Netflix's show, The Circle, it immediately went viral on social media.

Like a lot of people, when John (a contestant posing as a woman named Carol) heard the phrase for the first time, he asked, full of surprise "What is a vulva hug?" In the popular show, Alyssa, a certified sex therapist, was promising to teach Carol how to do a vulva hug.

Like most people, John had no idea what the term meant, but not for long. Alyssa went on to explain what the procedure entails, and it was mind-blowing, to say the least.

A Lot Of People Had No Idea What Vulva Hug Means

What Is Vulva Hug?

Based on how popular the #vulvahug hashtag has been on Twitter, John was not the only one shocked to learn that such a phrase exists.

Many people were desperate to understand the meaning behind the curious phrase.

Also, some ladies on the internet were surprised to learn that they do vulva hugs all the time, they just didn't know there was a phrase for it.

But generally, a lot of people have no idea that vulva hugs exist, and that means they also don't know of the benefits they offers. So we should be grateful to Netflix for helping the world learn about this concept.

How To Do A Vulva Hug

What Is Vulva Hug?

A vulva hug is a meditation technique introduced to the world by Dolly Josette, a sex therapist who promotes the technique on her website and her social media pages.

As the name suggests, your lady parts will be involved. When doing a vulva hug, you should sit down, put your legs slightly apart so that your hands can hold your crotch, and then place your hands over your private parts.

You can even do it without clothes. Ideally, according to Dolly, people should do vulva hugs with "open legs and open hearts." According to her, when vulva hugging is done right, it should offer sensuality, nourishment, and comfort.

On her website, she explains:

"Beginning with the outermost genitals is key for this area is usually the first to be IGNORED with the typical race to get in! This act of validation builds a sense of respect and reverence."

Vulva Hug Inventor Taught Her Mother The Meditation Technique

What Is Vulva Hug?

On her Instagram page, which has a lot of information about the unusual meditation technique, Dolly confessed that she taught her mother to do this unusual form of meditation. She gave a full account of what happened.

Apparently, after Dolly's mom tried it, she told her daughter that the meditation technique had brought her warmth and peace. She also noted that it was unbelievable that ladies do not appreciate their private parts considering all they do for them.

In other words, Dolly's mom was saying that these kinds of hugs should be given more regularly.

Dolly Was Happy That The Meditation Technique Has Gone Viral

What Is Vulva Hug?

Alyssa Ljubicich, the sex therapist who made the phrase go viral by mentioning and talking about it in the Netflix series, The Circle, was Dolly's former assistant.

Dolly was quite overjoyed that her invention had gone mainstream. On social media, she wrote:

"I seriously started jumping for joy! Bringing Vulva Hug to the Mainstream! My former assistant Alyssa Ljubicich is on Netflix's The Circle … and she's representing!"

Dolly started offering a discount on her vulva hug meditation program in Alyssa's honor following the incident.

Otherwise, those wishing to take their vulva meditation game to the next level are also encouraged to get themselves a vulva pillow. Alyssa had brought hers with her during her appearance on the show.

The pillows, which are marketed under the name Vulvalicious Cushions, are intended to empower women in addition to educating them about issues such as menstrual flow. The pillow is linked to Laura-Doe Harris, a sex educator, and entertainer who helps people "re-discover the body's delight."

Benefits Of Doing A Vulva Hug Meditation

What Is Vulva Hug?

Dolly explained that, when done right, this meditation should help you "listen and be with your vulva" and help you connect yourself to the sensual side of your femininity.

Dolly sought to debunk repressive society norms by introducing the meditation technique:

"... "down there" is not dirty at all. It's sacred. And there is much wisdom we can gain from the simple fact of a hug."

Many women are raised to believe that they should not put their hands "down there," as that is not considered very ladylike. The vulva hug seeks to change this notion by making it okay for women to explore their sexuality with greater boldness.

Dolly also claims that the meditation trick is important when trying to heal the body because it ensures that you feel more connected to it.

The meditation technique is also considered a form of sexual liberation.

Additionally, these "hugs" should help you have an intimate way to relate to your body. The meditation method should also make a woman more comfortable with her sexuality.

Finally, the meditation technique should also make you calm down your wayward thoughts. This should come in handy for women who have busy lives and need a few moments to recharge and feel better about themselves.

People Find The Phrase Vulva Hug Both Funny And Relatable

What Is Vulva Hug?

Proponents of vulva hug meditation claim that there are a lot of benefits to using this technique to calm and comfort yourself. In general, vulva hugs should make you more comfortable with your body.

Still, not a lot of people have heard of the meditation technique before.

Otherwise, if a vulva hug sounds like something you could try based on the alleged benefits it offers, then the good news is that performing a vulva hug is pretty easy.

It is clear based on how much vulva hug blew up on social media that a lot of people were either quite amused or surprised to learn that it was something they could relate to.

Vulva hug meditation is not for everyone. Some were left wondering why they needed to learn about vulva hugs in the first place.

Fortunately, most people find the concept interesting, and a few think it makes sense as a way to reclaim your body.

According to experts who promote vulva hug meditation, this technique represents the next stage in our sexual revolution, which is why they think it should be embraced in all its forms. Besides, a vulva hug is one of the ways you can keep your vagina young and happy.

Dolly promises that, through this form of meditation, women can have a level playing field when it comes to exploring their sexuality as men often do in public.

In other words, the concept is an invitation to women to explore and discover aspects of their bodies they have been conditioned to avoid.

If you want to learn more about vulva hug meditation, we've got you covered. You could even make things a little steamier by engaging in orgasmic meditation.

But first, what do you think about it? Do you think vulva hug meditation will catch on?