What Is The P-Spot & Why Can It Make Sex So Much Better For Your Guy?

What Is The P-spot & Why Can It Make Sex So Much Better For Your Guy?

If you assumed that only women have an erogenous zone, be ready for a shock. For women, it's referred to as the G-spot, and for a man, it's called the "P-spot" or the "male G-spot." Here is what you need to know

1. What is the P-Spot?

It stands for the prostate gland, which is found between the bladder and penis, it is essential for man's sex life.

2. What the prostate does

The prostate produces prostate fluid, which is the main component of semen. Muscles located in the prostate gland transport fluids to the urethra when a guy ejaculates. It's also a soft erogenous zone making things more interesting.


3. The prostate is a walnut

Here it's about the texture and size of a walnut. To stimulate the prostate gland, you insert your finger into your guy's anus to help you find P-spot. It's located between 2 to 3 inches inside the anus. Another way to stimulate the prostate gland is by caressing the perineum, area between anus and testicles.

4. The P-Spot enhance explosive orgasms

Do you know why the prostate gland is referred to as P-spot? Well, because it causes whole-body orgasms for guys resulting in sharp sensations on their entire bodies. The Prostate gland has many nerve endings that make it so sensual to touching and rubbing.

5. Increases the length of your guy's orgasms


Prostate orgasms are the best because they are deeper and last longer compared to penile ones, according to Martha Rosenthal, a Ph.D. author. So, the P-spot orgasm is the same as a G-spot orgasm.

6. Know prostate toys

These toys are thin with large angled tips so that it can stimulate the prostate gland much easier. Other toys that can stimulate the prostate gland are vibrators and plugs.

7. P-Spot orgasms can be seductive for women too

P-spot orgasms are arousing and interesting to give your man in the bedroom. Some studies, such as the LELO study says that approximately 80% of women would give a prostate massage to their partners if they wanted it.

8. How to find the P-Spot


P-spot is located 2 to 3 inches inside the rectum. When you are looking for it, you move your fingers towards his belly button. The prostate gland feels spongy and rough.

9. Take Your Time

You will not find P-spot and cause him orgasm within a short time, especially if you are rushing it or if your man has never experienced it. The idea here is you be patient to make it more satisfying.

10. Giving a quick orgasm

Stroking and touching the prostate gland could cause a quick orgasm. To make a blast of it is combining with other sexual activities such as oral sex, to add more pleasure. A point to note is that not every guy will have dirty and quick P-spot orgasms.


11. Don't do as a surprise for him

If you are trying to find his p-spot, it's good to do it while giving oral sex. When he is relaxed and turned on it is easier. So, always check if it is okay to go before doing it since he may not be interested.

12. What to do when he's ready

If your guy is keen on stimulation, put lube on your fingers and cut long nails to avoid injuring him. Why lube? The anus doesn't have lubricants like a vagina. When you locate the prostate gland, make some moves with your finger to fully stimulate the spot.

13 It's good for your man's health

Regular ejaculation keeps his prostate gland healthy, preventing diseases such as cancer.