What Is The Best Male 'Size' To Please A Woman?

The best male size to please a woman is a question that is never accurately answered, yet it is continuously asked by many. Is there a size that can please all the women?

Men often claim that size doesn't matter, yet many of them brag about their size. Well, bigger is not always better.

Women tend to be secretive about what size they prefer, but they all agree that both too big or too small won't bring them pleasure. So, what is the magical size that no woman would complain about?


What Size Is The Average Penis Size?

According to the studies, most men have an erection size between 5 and 8 inches long. However, most men believe that they are not proud owners of a good-sized penis.

The truth is, under 4 inches or over 8 inches in the erected state is rare. Men with those penis sizes often need to rely on other techniques to keep their partners satisfied.


Is Number 8 The Size That Fits All The Women?

Most men are proud owners of sizes between 5 and 7 inches long. However, women praise 8 inches as the one that will make them climax.

Although a penis sized between 5 and 7 inches is not something to be ashamed of, 8 inches is not a standard size among men. Nevertheless, women can be satisfied with less, but the heart will desire the magical 8.


Bigger Is Not Always Better

Men with a smaller size penis can have the same issues as men with sizes larger than 8 inches. Although 8 inches may seem the perfect size to please women, larger ones can bring sudden headaches.

Women experience pain and feel uncomfortable having sex with men with a bigger penis. Also, the men themselves do not have the same pleasure since they might hurt their partners.


Smaller Sizes Are Even Worse

When it comes to any size, only unconditional love can cover the performance of the small-sized penis. Men, who unfortunately are not gifted with the regular size, often have a problem satisfying their partners.

They might compensate with other pleasing techniques, but for women longing for physical pleasure, that would not be good enough.


The Size Does Or Does Not Always Matter?

The regular-sized men can bring physical pleasure to their partners, but that is not enough. So you can have the biggest penis in the world, but if you do not know how to use it – it's wasted.

Women are looking for a whole package, the size, the technique, and the involvement. The man should not be self-centered, he needs to bring pleasure to a woman on both a physical and emotional level.